Stain AFB (Kinyoun) Test Cost & Procedure

Stain AFB (Kinyoun)

Stain AFB (Kinyoun)

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Joseph J. Kinyoun is the inventor of the Kinyoun method, commonly referred to as the Kinyoun stain (cold method). It is a differential staining method utilized to distinguish acid-fast bacteria-fast and bacteria that are not. The apicomplexan genus Cryptosporidium and other acid-fast bacteria including Mycobacterium and Nocardia are detected with this staining technique.

The Kinyoun-Cold Method's goal

Acid-fast classification Parasites like Cryptosporidium and Isopora spp. as like Mycobacterium spp.

Principle of the kinyoun-cold method

Mycolic acid, which exists in the outer membrane of acid-fast mycobacteria, creates the cells waxy and resistant to dyeing aqueous-based dyes, for example the Gram stain. Carbolfuchsin is employed as the principal stain and phenutilizedilised to help it penetrate the waxy surface of acid-fast bacteria. 1% sulfuric acid is used to cure the discoloration and eliminate any surplus. The cells are thereafter dyed with methylene blue, a secondary stain.


  • the method due to Kinyoun-Cold Before is to stain, prepare and fix the specimen smear.
  • Carbolfuchsin should be used in the smear for 3 to 5 minutes at chamber temperature.
  • Gently run water over the slide.
  • Run the slide under 1% sulfuric acid decolorizer for nearly three minutes.
  • After totally cleaning it with water, decolorize the slide once more for 1–2 minutes, or until the solution is transparent.
  • Utilize the water to wash the slide.
  • For one minute, mask the smear with the methylene blue secondary or counterstain.
  • Gently run water over the slip.
  • With some tissue paper, blot the slide to dry

Interpretation of Kinyoun-Cold Method

Pinkish organisms, for example, bacteriuria spp., are acid-fast.

Note: One acid-fast bacillus found in a single sputum sample is regarded as diagnostic. concolorous of nonacid-fast organisms is blue. The background material should also be stained blue.

Limitations there the  of kinyoun-cold method

1. It might be less accurate than the Ziehl-Neelsen technique.

2. Too-thick smears might not stain properly.

Test Type Stain AFB (Kinyoun)

Stain AFB (Kinyoun) Test (Patholohy Test)


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