CT Scans

Computed tomography (CT) scan is a useful, painless, non-invasive diagnostic tool to detect diseases and injuries.  It makes use of a computer, a succession of X-rays, and soft tissues to create a 3D image of bones and soft tissues. It takes images that show extremely thin "slices" of your bones, muscles, organs, and blood arteries, making it the ideal way for your healthcare professional to see your body in great detail. Your scan may occasionally include a contrast agent. This contrast agent, often known as a dye, enhances the images by emphasizing particular features. Doctors usually recommend CT Scans to diagnose broken bones, fractures, cancer, internal bleeding, blood clots, symptoms of heart problems, etc.

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre is the best CT Scan centre in Delhi, well equipped with advanced GE 128 Slice Scan machine to scan gives very low radiation, scans within 10sec. and provide an accurate result. We offer  CECT, HRCT, and NCCT scan tests for the chest, head, knee, neck, hip, abdomen, etc.  For chest or heart angiography within 5 seconds, whole-body CT scans, CT Scan head, and CT brain angiography in a short period, you can count on us.

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