Prostate Ultrasound

What Is Ultrasound For The Prostate?
Prostate Ultrasound is a test that employs sound waves to create images of a man's prostate to diagnose underlying issues such as urination problems or discover any abnormalities.

Why Is It Done?
An ultrasound of the prostate gland is used to determine the following:

  • Find out whether there are any problems with the prostate
  • To see whether the prostate is enlarged to see if there is an abnormal development within the prostate
  • It helps to determine the source of a man's infertility

What Is The Procedure For the Prostate USG Test? 
A probe roughly the size of a finger is placed a short distance into your rectum for prostate ultrasonography. This probe emits innocuous sound waves. You may receive an enema to clean out your bowels.

How Does One Prepare For This Test?
One must not eat hours before taking the test and should not take any medicines that can make your blood thin at least a week before the test. Try to wear something loose and comfortable for the test.

You must not do any heavy activity for 24-48 hours after the test, and maybe a few antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor to make you feel better.

Cost Of Prostate Ultrasound Test In Delhi
The prostate ultrasound test requires precaution. However, costs may vary from INR 1500  to INR 1800 depending on the area or amenities. As a result, you should only get the test done at a recognized diagnostic center.



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