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PET scan provides diagnostic images of body tissues and organs using radioactive tracer, demonstrating the distribution of radioactive agent, areas of higher uptake as well as metabolic activity of tissues and organs in the body. PET scan is commonly used for cancer detection and monitoring. However, it is also used for other purpose like infectious or inflammatory diseases and metastasis. Also detects brain and heart functions.

If you searching for the best and reliable imaging centre to book a PET scan, you are at the right place. Get PET scan at an affordable cost in your area from GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre). 

GANESH DIAGNOSTIC AND IMAGING CENTRE accredited NABH certification for providing quality services to our patient. GDIC equipped with advance digital PET scan machine with high resolution images. This sate art technology enables radiologist to detect the smallest lesions and abnormalities in low radiation exposure.

Ganesh diagnostics also performs Whole Body PET Scan (FDG), DOTA PET SCAN, and CARDIAC PET SCAN AND MANY MORE.

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PET scans available in gdic?

All types of PET scan are available at Ganesh Diagnostic Centre including: 

reason to choose gdic

  • High standardof services. 
  • NABH and NABL
  • Facility of latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • Well-trained technicians. 
  • Highly Skilled Radiologists and Pathologists.
  • Genuine and accurate reporting.
  • 24X7 hrs service
  • 50% discount on PET Scan
  • Same day and next day appointment available 

what is PET scan?

Positron emission tomography, also known as PET scan is an imaging procedure that uses radioactive agent/ radiotracer and a PET scanner machine to look how tissues or organs are working inside your body. 

PET scan may be combined with CT scan or MRI to obtain more detailed information and 3D pictures that allow for a more accurate diagnosis and management.  

what are the uses of PET scan?

PET scan is typically used for the assessment and analysis of metabolic and biochemical properties of tissues or an organ. Your doctor may recommend a PET scan for the evaluation, diagnosis and monitoring of the following: 

  • Cancer or its Metastases.
  • Cancer staging.
  • To monitor efficacy of cancer treatmentor to assess the prognosis in cancer patients. 
  • Cancer recurrence.
  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases.
  • Multi-system diseases or disorders.
  • Stroke or cerebrovascular accident.
  • Recurrent orrefractory epilepsy.
  • Before Coronary artery bypass surgeryor angioplasty to evaluate myocardial perfusion/blood flow and areas of heart that would benefit from these procedures. 
  • Neurological disorders such as Dementias, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 

how much time it takes during the procedure of PET scan?

IT takes approximately 2 hours.

Up to 60 minutes are required to begin the scanning procedure after giving an intravenous radioactive agent. Whereas the actual process of PET scan takes approx. 30-40 minutes. However, it may last longer depending upon the severity of your illness and associated co-morbid conditions.

what are the risks/side effects of PET scan?

PET scan is a safe procedure.

The radioactivity in the radioactive drug is very low; also it doesn’t stay for longtime in your body. Drinking water can flush the radioactive agent faster from your body. 

However, some risks/side effects about PET scan are as following: 

  • Allergic reactionsto the radiotracer or contrast agent, although rare but can happen in some individuals. However, these allergic reactions are usually mild. 
  • Diabetic patientshave low levels of insulin (help in transport of glucose across cells). Insulin deficiency may lead to low absorption of FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) which may alter test results. So, inform your doctor before test. 
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid certain medications and test for the safety of baby. Ask your doctor before undergoing PET scan. 

how longer it takes for PET scan report?

Availability of PET scan report varies from centre to centre. Ganesh Diagnostic centre provide reports within 24 hours. However, you can get the image films on the same day if required by your doctor.