HLA Typing AB+DR One Person Test Cost & Procedure

HLA Typing AB+DR One Person

HLA Typing AB+DR One Person

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Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing is used to identify potential precise matches for patients who require transplants.

People who need solid organs or stem cells for a transplant function normally when they "match up" with donors in particular ways. Their HLA type is one method, which looks at immune system genes and proteins.

To determine whether the recipient's body is rejecting the organ, HLA typing can also be used after the transplant has been completed. This could be a halt if anything went antagonist with the transplant.

How Is the Test Performed?

You will need to put on tissue samples to take the HLA typing test. Typically, the specimen is obtained from a blood sample drawn from an arm vein or from a swab that moves on the inside of your cheek.

There is no preparation for the exam that you must complete. Once carried, your specimen is sent to a specific lab to be examined.

How does matching occur?

You must donate blood samples, or you must deliver the cheek-swab sample, along with any potential donors.

Your HLA class is ascertained through laboratory testing on the cheek or blood samples.

To determine whether there is a match, your HLA class will be roughly matched to potential donors.

HLA Typing AB Test Applications:

  • Several HLA types are more prevalent in specific racial and ethnic groupings.
  • For a transplant to be successful, a donor and receiver must have a close HLA match.
  • For a bone marrow transplant, for instance, the donor and recipient's HLA characteristics and antigens must match, or come as close to matching, for the transplant to be successful and for the tissue to not be attacked or rejected by the recipient's immune system.
  • HLA matching lowers the risk of the post-transplant problem known as GVHD illness and promotes the growth and improvement of new solid platelets.

How to take the HLA Typing AB Test?

  • Antiseptic is first applied by rubbing it on a cotton piece.
  • Cell samples may occasionally be taken with a cotton swab from the buccal cavity, beneath the cheek.
  • HLA markers from the donor and recipient are mentioned during testing and report writing.

Test Type HLA Typing AB+DR One Person

HLA Typing AB+DR One Person (Pathology Test)


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Test Price ₹ 7425 ₹ 14850
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