Hemophilia - A & B Prenatal Diagnosis

hemophilia - a/b prenatal diagnosis

Hemophilia - A & B Prenatal Diagnosis

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Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder in which the clot of blood is not formed properly as it forms normally. Because the blood clot is not formed so if you can experience the symptoms or conditions such as excessive bleeding, swelling  and pain in the joints in case of injury or cut.

There are three types of hemophilia

  • Hemophilia Type A- This occurs due to a deficiency of factor VIII
  • Hemophilia Type B- This occurs due to a deficiency of factor IX
  • Hemophilia Type C- This rare form of hemophilia occurs due to a deficiency of factor X.

Because of its genetic nature, it can be acquired from any one or both of your parents.

Hemophilia A/B is a type of hemophilia that occurs due to a deficiency of both factor VIII and Factor IX. Hemophilia - A/B prenatal diagnosis is used to detect the genetic markers of Hemophilia A/B.  The test is recommended to the women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Why is the Hemophilia - A & B Prenatal Diagnosis Done?

This diagnosis helps in identifying whether the mother is a carrier of hemophilia A/B. Because the child can acquire this genetic disorder from the mother during conception.  By diagnosis, it becomes easy for doctors to decide the treatment to get rid of the symptoms.

Sample Type Required

The Hemophilia - A/B prenatal diagnosis test requires the whole blood sample investigation. So, you need to provide the  8ml of whole blood as a sample.

Preparation Required

You may need to follow a special diet for some days before the test.

What is the cost of Hemophilia - A & B Prenatal Diagnosis?

The cost of Hemophilia - A/B Prenatal Diagnosis near me in Delhi ranges from INR 10000 to INR 20,000.

Test Type Hemophilia - A & B Prenatal Diagnosis

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