Group-A Streptococcal Test and Its Cost

Group A Streptococcal Antigen

Group A Streptococcal Antigen

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What is Group A Streptococcal Antigen Test?

The bacteria Strep A causes strep throat and other infections. It is also known as group A strep. The infection strep throat affects the throat and tonsils. Coughing or sneezing spreads the infection from person to person. While strep throat can occur at any age, it is most common in children aged 5 to 15.

Antibiotics are a simple way to treat strep throat. However, if left untreated, strep throat can cause serious complications. Rheumatic fever, a disease that can harm the heart and joints, and glomerulonephritis, a type of kidney disease.

Other Names:

Group A strep Test

Why is it done?

If you or your child has strep throat symptoms, you should get tested. These are some examples:

A severe and sudden sore throat

Swallowing pain or difficulty

A fever of 101°F or higher

Lymph nodes swollen

What is the procedure for Group-A streptococcus Test?

You will be asked to tilt his or her head back and open his or her mouth as wide as possible by a health professional. If the back of the throat cannot be clearly seen, the tongue will be pressed down with a flat stick (tongue depressor) to improve visibility. To collect a sample, a clean, soft cotton swab will be lightly brushed over the back of the throat, tonsils, and any red or sore areas.

How does one prepare for the test? 

No preparation is needed.

Required documents for test

 A doctor's prescription. 
 A valid government ID.

After care: 

No care is required.

The cost of Group-A streptococcus Test in Delhi: 

The Group-A streptococcus / Streptococcal Test costs vary by region and facility. So, get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centre like Ganesh Diagnostic. Training and experienced professionals are staffed to assure patient and visitor safety. 



Test Type Group A Streptococcal Antigen

Group A Streptococcal Antigen Test (Hematology Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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Ambulance Service

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