Gastric Lavage For AFB Culture MGIT Test Cost & Procedure

Gastric Lavage For AFB Culture MGIT

Gastric Lavage For AFB Culture MGIT

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When TB has already been diagnosed, gastric lavage is the technique of choice for obtaining a microbiological sample. The susceptibility of the organism to anti-TB medications can be determined by culture. It is recommended to collect three early morning samples in a row.

Test Frequency and Time Between Tests (TAT)

Mycobacterium excretions Every day from Monday through Saturday, gastric lavage cultures are conducted.

The PHO laboratory can deliver the smear findings for the concentrated specimen in as little as one day after receiving them.

Negative cultures are turned around 49 days after the PHO laboratory receives them.

Within 24 hours of development, a favorable culture is registered. A culture can formulate in as little as one to two weeks or as extended as six to seven weeks, relying on the species and the patient's therapy.

Within 24 hours of the label, all new M. tuberculosis complex isolates are called up to the submitter.

Test Procedures

  • The Auramine-Rhodamine (AR) fluorochrome stain and fluorescence microscopy are utilized to stain a smear created from the concentration.
  • Even though the AFB smear is negative, TB may still exist based on the culture.
  • For up to 7 weeks, specimens are incubated after being set up for culture on both solid and liquid mediums.


After the start of antimicrobial medication, samples acquired for initial diagnosis may yield misleading negative results. Antimicrobial therapy can kill or suppress enough mycobacteria in as little as a few days to cast doubt on the validity of the disease's laboratory confirmation.

Preparing Before Transportation

The Individual's full name, the date of compilation, and one other distinctive identifier, for example, the patient's birthday or health card number, should be noted on the sample container. A rejection or a pause in testing may happen if this knowledge is not furnished.

Particular Directions

If a transport delay of more than an hour occurs, store at 2–8 C. Samples should be delivered as soon as possible to the lab.

Stomach lavage

A tube is inserted into the stomach during gastric lavage either through the nose or the mouth (orogastric). Saline solutions are flushed into the stomach to eliminate toxins, and then the stomach's contents are suctioned out.

Mechanism of action:

  • Removal of the toxicant physicall
  • Negative implications Lung aspiration from lavage
  • Mechanical harm brought on by the gastric tube's installation
  • Insertion of a gastric tube into the trachea (and subsequently into the lungs).
  • Electrolyte disequilibrium
  • ▪sContraindicationss

The following toxicants shouldn't be used with gastric lavage:

  • • Distillates of petroleum (e.g., gasoline, furniture polish)
  • • Corrosives (powerful acids and powerful bases) (e.g., drain cleaner)
  • • CNS stimulants, as vomiting itself can cause convulsions

Test Type Gastric Lavage For AFB Culture MGIT

Gastric Lavage For AFB Culture MGIT (Pathology Test)


Within 24 hours*

Test Price ₹ 500 ₹ 1000
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