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Fitness Predisposition Scan

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Fitness Predisposition Scan For several inherited cancers, predisposition testing-genetic testing that reveals a person's propensity to disease-is now accessible.

Why is this test recommended?

Those who are determined to have changed genes (such as germ-line mutations in cancer susceptibility genes) are more likely to have cancer than people who do not. Predisposition testing can therefore be a potent clinical tool for determining an individual's risk for acquiring cancer. The many options for cancer predisposition testing should be understood by all healthcare professionals, especially those who treat cancer.

Predisposition testing for inherited breast cancer is discussed in this article, along with basic testing information, potential dangers and benefits, particular genetic counselling concerns, and molecular information about known risk factors.

What is to be Predisposed Genetically?

Your Health and Your Family History

It all depends on your genes

Tens of thousands of genes are carried by each DNA molecule in the body. Some characteristics of these genes determine things like skin tone, height, and hair colour. Understanding one's genetic susceptibility to disease can help avoid illness and potentially affect future generations.

Family medicine centre.

Have you been predisposed genetically?

The likelihood of getting a particular disease is raised when there is a genetic predisposition. Typically, family history can be used to determine genetic feat features; genetic variants are transmitted to offspring. Instead, the sickness is brought on by an outside factor. Moreover, researchers have linked genetics to autism, addiction, and mental disorders. Identifying your genetic tendencies

Most people are unaware of their genetic predisposition until a severe illness manifests.

  • A doctor could inquire about a patient's family history.
  • A lab analyzes a DNA sample obtained through blood or a cheek swab.
  • The individual can then take action to maintain their health. Prevention is preferable to cure.
  • Everyone concerned can take preemptive measures if a lab or medical expert verifies a genetic risk.
  • The doctor can assist patients by reviewing the food, surroundings, or other variables that may cause the sickness.
  • The patient might alter their lifestyle to lessen the likelihood of developing undesirable conditions. For couples seeking to conceive, genetic testing is essential. The vulnerability to illness is known in advance by the partners. Teams can proceed with the process further from there.

What is the Cost of Fitness Predisposition Scan Test

The average price for Fitness Predisposition Scan test is seen to differ from one center to another. The price range is said to be between INR 200 to INR 1500 in Delhi, India.

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Fitness Predisposition Scan (Pathology)


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