DNA Genetic Cancer Risk (98 Gene Panel) Test Cost & Procedure

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk (98 Gene Panel) Test

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk (98 Gene Panel)

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The test employs next-generation sequencing to find gene alterations known to raise the chance of developing cancer in the long run. The test checks for a higher risk of 24 cancers, including some of the most prevalent ones, such as breast, lip, lung, colorectal, and stomach cancers, and others like prostate, bladder, thyroid, and ovary.

What are cancers?

Uncontrolled cell growth causes malignancies, which cause cancer in the affected area. While some cancers are hereditary or inherited and the result of a genetic mutation, the majority of cancers are random and happen by chance. Changes in the DNA sequence lead to conversions.

A cancer gene panel: what is it?

A laboratory examination in which any genes are examined in a tissue sample. Multiple-gene panel testing aid in identifying gene mutations (changes) that may raise a person's chance of developing diseases like cancer. They might also examine the expression of particular genes in a tissue sample.

Cancer Risk Can Be 20 Times More Due to Genetic Mutations:

The acquired mutations, which happen after birth and throughout time and include environmental variables and lifestyle decisions like smoking or sun exposure, contrast with the inherited faulty genes.

What to anticipate from a cancer genetic test?

The process of genetic testing for cancer involves various elements. Below, we'll go over each of them:

Risk evaluation:

If you're a suitable candidate for genetic testing, a healthcare professional will consider personal and family medical histories, such as a doctor or genetic counsellor.

Genetic Counseling:

To assist you in deciding if you want to get tested, a counsellor will attempt to provide you with further information.

sample gathering and evaluation

Typically, the testing technique entails taking a blood sample from an arm vein. Yet it might also be an example of Blood cells, cheek cells, saliva

After that, a lab that specialises in genetic testing examines the material. The time it takes to prepare the results could be several weeks.

Result Interpretation:

After the results are ready, they are generally forwarded to your genetic counsellor, who will contact you to review them and create a strategy for what to do next.

The various outcomes that you could get include:

Positive :

A cancer-risk-increasing gene variation has been identified.


The test misses a particular variation that raises cancer risk. It's crucial to remember, though, that a negative test result does not guarantee that you won't develop cancer in your lifetime.

Test Type DNA Genetic Cancer Risk (98 Gene Panel)

DNA Genetic Cancer Risk (98 Gene Panel) Test (Pathology Test)


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