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What is CT scan PNS?

CT scan PNS (Paranasal Sinuses) is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses special X-ray equipment to evaluate the hollow and air-filled spaces within the bones of the face, surrounding the nasal cavity. It gives detailed and accurate information regarding various diseases that involve the mucosa or the bony cavity of the para-nasal sinuses.

Which para-nasal sinuses are imagined in CT scan PNS?

CT scan PNS demonstrate the anatomical details of following paranasal sinuses:

  • Maxillary sinuses: These sinuses are located under the eyes, in the maxillary bone.
  • Frontal sinuses: These sinuses located above the eyes, in the frontal bone.
  • Ethmoidal sinuses: These sinuses are divided into anterior and posterior groups and are located between the eyes, in the ethmoidal bones.
  • Sphenoidal sinuses: These sinuses are located behind the eyes, in the sphenoidal bone.

Why is CT scan PNS done?

Your doctor may recommend CT scan PNS for the following reasons:

  • To diagnose sinusitis, polyp or cysts in the para-nasal cavity.
  • To detect the presence of inflammation or inflammatory diseases of PNS.
  • To detect the presence of Tumour, fracture, trauma or injury of the PNS.
  • To detect mucoceles or sinuses filled with fluid.
  • To identify any defect in mucosa or mass in the sinusoidal cavity. 
  • To detect bony erosions or osteolytic lesions of the paranasal sinuses.

What is the procedure for CT scan PNS?

The procedure of CT scan PNS involves the following steps:

  • A technician will ask you to lie on the examination table with an elevated chin.
  • If CECT is scheduled, you will be given an intravenous injection of contrast material to make the tissues and blood vessels look clearer.
  • During the scanning procedure, the table slides slowly through the machine. 
  • You need to lie still during the procedure as body movements may interfere with the quality of images produced. 
  • The machine will rotate in a spiral motion around your face.
  • Once the procedure is completed, the technician may ask you to wait in the observation room for some time to evaluate any possible side effects, if contrast dye has been used or to confirm that the images produced are of high quality.

After Care?

  • In the case of CT PNS with contrast media, you must avoid breastfeeding for 24-48 hours.
  • Drink plenty of water to eliminate contrast material from your body.
  • Allergic reaction to contrast agent, although rare but can happen in some individuals. In such cases, consult your doctor.

Price of CT PNS (Para Nasal Sinus)?

The price of CT scan PNS may ranges from INR 1500 to INR 3000. The variation in price depends upon the city and the diagnostic centre.

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  • You need to wear loose and comfortable clothes for the procedure.
  • Remove all the objects containing metals as they may affect the result.
  • If your CT PNS requires contrast material, fasting is required for a few hours before the test.
  • Inform the technologist before an exam, if you are taking medication or having allergies. 
  • No CT PNS is allowed in case of pregnancy. 
  • Inform technicians about recent illnesses or medical conditions that might increase the chances of side effects. 

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