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CT PNS (Computerized Tomography of Paranasal Sinus Cavities) is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses special x-ray equipment to evaluate the hollow and air-filled spaces within the bones of the face surrounding the nasal cavity. It gives detailed and accurate information if the sinuses are obstructed.

Types of Para Nasal Sinus (PNS) Test

  • Maxillary sinuses: The sinuses located under the eyes
  • Frontal sinuses: The sinuses located above the eyes
  • Ethmoidal sinuses: The sinuses located between the eyes
  • Sphenoidal sinuses: The sinuses located behind the eyes

Why is CT Para Nasal Sinus (PNS) Scan Done?

Doctor asks for CT Sinus for the following reasons.

  • To diagnose sinusitis
  • To get clear information of the surrounding and nose’s boundary.
  • To detect the presence of inflammation or inflammatory diseases
  • To detect the presence of lining, Tumour, fracture, trauma or injury in the nasal part.
  • To evaluate sinuses that are filled with fluid
  • To identify defect or mass in the sinus 
  • To detect the abnormalities in paranasal sinuses.

What is the procedure of CT Para Nasal Sinus (PNS)?

For the procedure of CT PNS, the mentioned below steps are followed.

  • The technologist will ask you to lie on the back with an elevated chin on an examination table.
  • You need to hold the still in a certain position during the procedure.
  • Technologists may inject a contrast material through the veins to make the tissues and blood vessels look clear.
  • During the scanning procedure, the table slides slowly through the machine. 
  • Technologists may ask you to hold your breath and remain still as any movement can affect the quality of an image.
  • The machine will rotate in a spiral motion around your face part.
  • On the completion of the exam, the technologist will ask you to wait until the confirmation that the images are of high enough quality.

After Care

  • In the case of CT PNS with contrast media, you must avoid breastfeeding for 24-48 hours.
  • An allergic reaction may occur

Price of CT PNS (Para Nasal Sinus)

The price of CT Para Nasal Sinus (PNS) ranges from INR 2000 to INR 6000. The variation in price depends upon the city and the diagnostic centre.

₹ 1500 3000 Pay Now Limited Offer




  • You need to wear loose and comfortable clothes for the procedure.
  • Remove all the objects containing metals as they may affect the result.
  • If your CT PNS requires contrast material, fasting is required for a few hours before the test.
  • Inform the technologist before an exam, if you are taking medication or having allergies. 
  • No CT PNS is allowed in case of pregnancy. 
  • Inform technicians about recent illnesses or medical conditions that might increase the chances of side effects. 

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Test Price: ₹ 1500 ₹3000
100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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