CT Bronchoscopy

What is the CT Bronchoscopy?

CT Bronchoscopy is a non invasive examination that provides an internal view of trachea and major bronchi by 3D reconstruction.

Why is it done?

Doctors recommend this examination if you have:-

  • Cough
  • Obstruction in bronchial
  • Tumor
  • Hemoptysis
  • Inflammation 
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Lung biopsy 

In which case CT Bronchoscopy is not performed ? 

Pregnancy and high grade tracheal obstruction.

How Does One Prepare For This Test?

Don’t drink and eat anything after midnight before the examination.You need to bring the all medical report or any medication you are taking. If you are taking aspirin and blood thinner go to your doctor because you have to stop these medicines one week before examination. You need to remove all the metallic ornaments before examination.

What Is The Procedure For CT Bronchoscopy?

An anesthesia will be sprayed in your throat. Anesthetic gel is rubbed in your nose. Then a bronchoscope is placed in your nose and mouth and inserted into the airways to diagnose the problem with proper monitoring of vital signs. You may feel uncomfortable, but it should not hurt you. 

Cost of CT Bronchoscopy in Delhi

CT Bronchoscopy test cost near me in Delhi typically ranges from INR 10000 to INR 11000, depending on the diagnostic center.



Test Type CT Bronchoscopy
  • Remove the object that contains Metal, such as Jewellery, Hair Clips, Watches, Rings, or any other similar object from scanning part of the body, so as to avoid a bright or blank spot on the diagnostic film.
  • You must inform the technologist, radiology nurse, and/or physician if you have allergies, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are on medication.
  • Fasting is not required.
  • Doctor’s Prescription.
  • Bring all documents related to medical history.
  • Carry Your ID Proof.

4-6 hours

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Test Price: ₹ 7000 ₹ 10000

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