Color Doppler Obstetric & (BPP) Biophysical Profile

obstetric colour doppler and bpp

Obstetric Colour Doppler & BPP

Obstetrical Colour Doppler with BPP is an imaging technique that uses sound waves to measure blood flow and heartbeat. It can be used to determine the speed of the blood flow and its direction. It helps determine the growth of fetal, and whether enough blood and nutrients are supplied to tissues.  It is performed during the third trimester on women who have high-risk pregnancies.

Why is Obstetrical Colour Doppler & (BPP) Biophysical Profile performed?

  • To determine the growth of Fetal, whether it is normal or not.
  • To determine whether enough blood is supplied to tissues.
  • To determine whether enough nutrients are supplied to tissues.
  • It is performed on a female with a high-risk pregnancy.

How is Obstetrical Colour Doppler & (BPP) Biophysical Profile performed?

>>The radiologist will explain the procedure.

How to prepare for Obstetrical Colour Doppler with (BPP) Biophysical Profile?

  • Remove all kinds of metallic objects.
  • Bring prescription with doctor’s sign and stamp as per PC-PNDT Act.
  • Bring your previous reports
  • Please carry your valid id proof.

After Care

No special care is required. A doctor will give you according to your medical condition if you require.

Cost of Obstetrical Colour Doppler & (BPP) Biophysical Profile

Obstetrical Colour Doppler with BPP in Delhi usually costs in the range of Rs. 2000 To Rs. 5500. 

4000 2000 Pay Now Limited Offer


Test Type Obstetric Colour Doppler & BPP

Obstetric Color Doppler & (BPP) Biophysical Profile (Colour Doppler)


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Test Price: ₹4000 ₹ 2000
100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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