CD20 Flow Cytometry Absolute Count Test Cost & Procedure

CD20 Flow Cytometry Absolute Count

CD20 Flow Cytometry Absolute Count

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The activated glycosylated phosphoprotein is CD20, expressed on the surface of all B-cells starting at the pro-B phase (CD45R+, CD117+). It gradually increases in concentration until maturation—the MS4A1 gene in hum increase for the protein CD20.

Members of this emerging protein family have distinctive expression patterns in nonlymphoid tissues and hematopoietic cells, as well as common structural characteristics and intron/exon splice boundaries.

This gene produces a substance on the surface of B lymphocytes that aids in the maturation and conversion of B cells into plasma cells. This family member is part of a group of family members localised to 11q12. This gene's alternative splicing produces two transcript variants that encode.

Preparation for CD20 Test:

  • Your doctor could ask you to have this test at a specific time of day.
  • Time management is crucial. Your physician might also advise you to:
    • A blood sample is required for this test. Avoiding eating after an hour is recommended for the most substantial results.

Test applications for CD20:

  • Using CD19 and CD20 markers to confirm the total absence of B cells in suspected primary humoral immunodeficiencies, patients with suspected CD20 deficiency are assessed for the disease (humoral immunodeficiency).
  • In any clinical setting, including treating acute humoral rejection in recipients of positive crossmatch renal transplants, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, among others, quantitatively measuring therapeutic B-cell depletion (absolute counts of cells/MCL).

How is the CD20 Test Performed?

  • Please follow the manager of the lab's instructions.
  • Use an alcohol pad to cleanse the skin.
  • The vein visible from the skin is then injected with a needle through the area of cleaned skin.
  • Blood is drawn from the needle via a nozzle, saved in a container, and sealed with your name.
  • This material will be examined in the research lab. Your venous sample is drawn, the contents are evaluated in the lab, and the doctor is informed of the findings.

What is flow cytometry?

  • It is one of the most recommended tests since it helps with management. The exam makes use of a laser.
  • Throughout this examination, the laser measures the cells.
  • The cancer cells show a distinct kind of light.

Suitable examples include:

  • bones' marrow
  • bodily tissues


  • A dye is added to the cells.
  • They are then transferred to a fluid.

Cancer cells produce a variety of light colours.

  • Utilised to find the following:
    • Male T-cell lymphoma
    • many myelomas

Test Type CD20 Flow Cytometry Absolute Count

CD20 Flow Cytometry Absolute Count (Pathology Test)


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Test Price ₹ 1875 ₹ 3750
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