C-MYC Gene Rearrangement Test Cost & Procedure

C-MYC Gene Rearrangement

C-MYC Gene Rearrangement

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The C-MYC gene is a proto-oncogene, meaning that it plays an important role in normal cell growth and division, but can become cancerous when its activity becomes dysregulated. One way that dysregulation can occur is through gene rearrangements, which involve the C-MYC gene being physically altered in some way.

C-MYC gene rearrangement refers to a specific type of genetic alteration that involves the C-MYC gene being moved from its normal location on one chromosome to a different location on another chromosome or to a different position on the same chromosome. This rearrangement can result in the gene being overexpressed, meaning that its activity is increased beyond normal levels.

C-MYC gene rearrangement is commonly observed in various types of cancer, including Burkitt's lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. In this disease, the C-MYC gene is often translocated to a different chromosome, resulting in increased activity and uncontrolled cell growth. Other types of cancer, such as breast cancer and lung cancer, can also exhibit C-MYC gene rearrangements.

The C-MYC gene rearrangement test is an important tool for cancer diagnosis and management, as it can provide valuable information about the genetic changes that drive tumor growth. This information can help guide treatment decisions and the development of targeted therapies for patients with C-MYC gene rearrangement-positive cancers

Overall, C-MYC gene rearrangements are an important factor in the development and progression of many types of cancer, and understanding these genetic alterations can be helpful in developing targeted therapies for these diseases.

Why C-MYC gene rearrangement Done?

The C-MYC gene rearrangement test is a type of genetic test that is used to detect alterations in the C-MYC gene. 

This test is typically performed on tumor samples from patients who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancer, such as Burkitt's lymphoma, to determine if the C-MYC gene has been rearranged or translocated.

How is C-MYC gene rearrangement Done?

There are different methods used for the C-MYC gene rearrangement test, but one common approach is fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). FISH is a type of test that uses fluorescent probes to label specific genes or regions of chromosomes in a cell. In the case of the C-MYC gene rearrangement test, FISH probes are designed to bind to the C-MYC gene and its surrounding regions. If the gene has been rearranged, the probes will detect the abnormal location of the gene on the chromosome and show up as a distinct pattern of fluorescent signals under a microscope.

Another method used for the C-MYC gene rearrangement test is polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which amplifies specific segments of DNA from the C-MYC gene and surrounding regions. By comparing the PCR products from a tumor sample with those from a normal sample, the presence of C-MYC gene rearrangements can be identified.

Sample Type Required

The sample required for C-MYC gene rearrangement testing depends on the specific method being used to perform the test.

In general, the sample should be taken from the tumor tissue of a patient.

In some cases, the samples may be used for C-MYC gene rearrangement testing, such as blood or bone marrow samples.

Cost of C-MYC gene rearrangement

The cost of C-MYC gene rearrangement near me in Delhi ranges from INR 3000 to INR 8000

Test Type C-MYC Gene Rearrangement

C-MYC Gene Rearrangement (Pathology Test)


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Test Price ₹ 2000 ₹ 4000
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