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bone marrow biopsy and aspiration test

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration

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Your doctor may carry out a biopsy to rule out cancer, blood problems, and many other conditions that could damage your bone marrow. The surgery takes around 30 minutes, and there is typically no hospital stay required.

A little amount of liquid bone marrow is extracted using a thin needle during a bone marrow aspiration, typically from the rear of your hipbone (pelvis). Frequently, a bone marrow biopsy is performed concurrently. The confined marrow and a little portion of bone tissue are removed during the second surgery.

By your hip, this bone is located in your lower back. These 2 operations are frequently carried out concurrently by doctors. Together, they are referred to as a bone marrow examination.

Your bone marrow's ability to produce healthy levels of blood cells can be determined through a bone marrow biopsy or aspiration. A biopsy may be carried out by your doctor to rule out cancer, blood problems, and many other conditions that could damage your bone marrow.

How serious is a bone marrow biopsy?

Bone marrow biopsies are often risk-free, but there is a chance that anything could go wrong. Bruising and soreness at the location of the biopsy are two of the more frequent issues. The biopsy site has been bleeding for a while.

To be sure, check with your healthcare team in advance.

Talking points to bring up with your medical staff. Before your treatment, you might not be able to take some drugs, such as blood thinners. Inform your medical staff of all prescription drugs and dietary supplements you take. Inquire if you should take them the day of your treatment. Any test-related worries you may have should also be brought up.

Ask how much of the procedure's costs will be covered by insurance and how much you will be required to pay.

Consent. When you show up for the procedure, the doctor's office or hospital will require you to sign a consent form. The form also includes a consent section.

Throughout the process

Where is the procedure going to happen? Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy operations are carried out by medical professionals in a hospital, clinic, or their office.

How much time will the process require? Together, the two operations typically take 30 minutes.

What is the Cost Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration Test

The average price for Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration test is seen to differ from one center to another. The price range is said to be between INR 500 to INR 2700 in Delhi, India.

Test Type Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration (Pathology)


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Test Price ₹ 880 ₹ 1760
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