Festival of Colours and Skin Care Essentials

28 Feb 2023- Posted by Admin

Festival of Colours and Skin Care Essentials

The festival of colours is a few days away, and as always, it is sure to bring fun and joy into everyone’s life. But amidst the joy of the festival because it brings friends and family together, we must not forget about the harsh effects of the colours of Holi. We all keep the important things in mind before stepping out to play Holi: taking care of our skin and preventing it from being damaged. Holi colours can harm your skin due to the chemicals they contain, but by paying attention to skin care, you can protect your skin from harm.

The best part of this festival is that you can celebrate it with your loved ones and close friends. So, don’t let the fear of skin damage from the colours hold you back, and to make sure your skin stays healthy and on the right side of joy even with the chemical-based or organic colours, just pay extra attention and follow the simple tips to help you and your family in preparing for the Holi festival.

Here are some important ideas to minimise skin and nail damage

Before stepping out to play Holi, it's a good idea to build a barrier between your skin and harmful chemicals. It can be done with the help of moisturiser and body lotion. So, don’t forget to apply moisturisers or body lotion to make sure your skin is well hydrated and protected from damage.

Not just your face but other body parts, including your nails, get damaged by the Holi colours. The best way to prevent the damage is to oil your nails, use hydrating body wash, and apply body lotion before going to have fun and play Holi to the fullest. Colours easily seep in through your clothes and affect your skin. So, keep a water bottle with you, and don’t forget to soak your waterless skin to easily remove the colour from your skin.

Even after a few days of Holi, the skin becomes and remains sensitive. because the chemicals in the colours make them more sensitive, it is best to avoid any skin and saloon treatments for a few days after the festival.

Even when we exercise caution and take precautionary measures, the effects of Holi can cause discomfort and be hazardous to our health. because the colours of Holi are made up of hazardous chemicals that are toxic not only to our skin but also to our hair and eyes.

As per research, a majority of people complain of bacterial skin infections, redness, swelling, and watery eyes; skin allergies; rashes; itching; burning sensations; and hives after playing with Holi colours. Some individuals take it lightly and experience a lot of problems related to their skin, eyes, and even respiratory systems. The colours enter the mouth and aggravate respiratory issues, resulting in acute and chronic symptoms.

If you or your loved ones experience any unpleasant side effects, you must not ignore them and must seek immediate medical attention and treatment. A diagnosis of the severity of the allergic reaction related to the skin, nails, or respiratory health can be helpful in preventing it from leading to conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


While Holi is the most enjoyable festival of colours, everyone must exercise precautions to protect their skin, eyes, and respiratory systems from damage. It is important to follow the skin care instructions to avoid skin-related conditions. But even if you exercise caution, if you experience side effects, then it's good to talk to your doctor for a diagnosis of your skin allergy issues to add more happiness and joy to the festive season.