CT Brain Scan: Studying its Price, procedure, and other details

CT Brain Scan: Studying its Price, procedure, and other details

It is available in almost all hospitals research laboratories and other health facilities that constantly help healthcare professionals in understanding the complexities of the most precious organ of the human body.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical technology that has been in existence for more than forty years and there have been consistent improvements in the diagnosis of diseases because of it. 

So, in the field of study of the human brain, with the advancement of science and technology, CT (Computed Tomography) brain scan is a formidable diagnostic tool. It can unravel the innermost nuances of the neural pathways in the brain. With magical precision, a CT brain can help doctors get a clearer picture of the patient’s condition, helping in devising the treatment plan subsequently.

It is available in almost all hospitals research laboratories and other health facilities that constantly help healthcare professionals in understanding the complexities of the most precious organ of the human body. A CT brain scan can simplify the enigma of the structure of the brain and the ailments plaguing it. 

In this article, we will look into the various aspects of a CT brain scan including the CT brain scan price. 

Understanding CT Brain scan

Computed Tomography (CT) of the brain is a non-invasive process of diagnostic imaging and the process is conducted with the help of special X-rays measurements that give axial or horizontal images of the brain. This helps doctors in getting detailed information about the tissues and structures of the brain. This is far better than the average and standard X-rays of the head. It can throw much light on any injuries and diseases a patient’s brain suffers from. 

So, what is the process of a CT brain scan?

During the CT brain scan process, there is a circular motion of the X-ray beam around the body, which captures numerous views of the brain. The information collated via the X-ray is then transported to a computer that deciphers the X-ray data and displays it on a monitor in two-dimensional (2D) form helping technicians and physicians grasp it better and clearer. 

Key information is that a CT brain scan can be conducted with or without contrast. The contrasts are administered intravenously or can be taken through the mouth, which has the purpose of making the visibility of the organs more clear and distinct. The only thing is that the use of contrast makes it imperative for the patient to fast for a particular period just before the scan.

However, one needn’t fret about all these as the concerned physician will explain any special requirements if necessary. It is safe and the technicians are experts with years of experience to make the process a smooth one. 

Why a CT brain scan is advised or what is its purpose?

It is usually done when other diagnosis processes fail to elicit conclusive results. A person has to undergo a CT brain scan so that doctors can get a fair idea if there is any tumor in the brain or other injuries. It could be lesions, structural abnormalities (e.g., hydrocephalus, infections, brain function, or other related conditions), intracranial bleeding,

Apart from that a CT scan of the brain is also done for the evaluation of the impacts of the treatment on brain tumors and to find out for clots in the brain, which may trigger strokes. The process is also done to get an idea before brain surgery or biopsies of brain tissue. However, there could be numerous other reasons for a CT Brain scan. 

Perceived risks involved in CT brain scan

People often have some concerns regarding any risks involved in a CT scan of the brain. This is a common query of people. Foremost, it is good to be very transparent with the physician about any health-related issues that already exist apart from the concern with the brain. You must talk with your doctor about the level of radiation you were exposed to during the scan and any related risks vis-à-vis your specific condition. It is necessary to maintain a record of the entire earlier CT scans and other X-rays. This will help your physician to take an informed decision for any risks linked to the radiation exposure that you may have had in the past for a long period.

Some of the areas where one has to be cautious before scheduling a CT brain scan are:

Pregnancy: If a patient is pregnant or there is a chance of pregnancy, it is of utmost importance to discuss it beforehand with the doctor. If the CT brain scan is absolutely important and urgent, the doctor will know how to conduct it under safety conditions without exposing the fetus to any radiation. 

Use of contrast: The use of contrast media can also jeopardize any pre-existing conditions in the patient by aggravating them. People at times are allergic to certain medicines. They should inform their doctors before undergoing the scan. The doctors, technicians, and trained staff are in the best position to decide whether or not a patient needs a contrast agent for the scan.

Diabetes:   Patients who are diabetic should also consult with their physicians before the CT scan of the brain. If they happen to take diabetes medication like metformin (Glucophage) they should first apprise their doctors before having an IV contrast injection, which is known to cause a rare condition called metabolic acidosis. A patient taking metformin will have to cease taking it at the time of the scan and wait 48 hours after the procedure before restarting it. The doctor may also ask to take a blood test to check kidney function before the patient can resume metformin. 

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, there may other ailments, which the patient must discuss before the scan for safety. Once you divulge every prior history to your physician, you will be safe because the doctor knows the best. 

CT Brain scan price

Since this is a complex and highly technological diagnostic tool, the first thing that comes to the mind of most patients is the CT Brain scan price. However, it cannot be uniform and is based on several factors including geographic location. Check out with your healthcare facility and the doctor who advised it before drawing out any conclusion. However costly it may be, if it is necessary a patient has to overlook the CT Brain scan price. 

It is important to realize that the cost of a CT scan of the brain will be governed by external factors and the specific requirements of every individual case. The particular facility or the hospital, the level of advanced equipment it has, the experience of the technicians, the location, etc., will have a bearing on the final price of the CT brain scan. 

CT brain scan and technological advancement

With technology and science making rapid progress, the field of medical diagnostics has also benefitted from it. One of the latest developments that the MRI field has witnessed is the use of AI. However, it is yet to be fully accepted by all healthcare facilities and other centers. It is said to be a great advancement in the field of MRI, which is touted to enhance the quality of images by making use of AI. Artificial Intelligence will ease the scan process by handling the repetitive tasks in the entire process. 

Experts believe that if AI forays into the realm of MRI scans, it will boost efficacy and help technicians in unprecedented ways. It will precipitate earlier detection of diseases and help in the treatment process. 


The CT scan of the brain is a boon for the healthcare domain as it alleviates many of the hurdles that come in the way of the treatment process of the brain. Physicians manage to derive precise and clear images of the brain and surrounding areas to make a treatment plan using a CT brain scan. However, as mentioned above, patients should follow all safety protocols and must be transparent with the physician for a better outcome of the process and get cured at the earliest. 


Here are a few common queries of the people:

How is the price of a CT brain scan ascertained?

The price or cost of a CT brain scan may vary subject to a plethora of factors. One of the primary factors is the geographical location where the scan is being performed. It also depends on the type of healthcare facility. 

Are there any additional costs linked to a CT brain scan?

Although the primary cost of the CT brain scan is for the imaging procedure itself, a patient may have to incur additional expenses. One is the expense of the interpretation of the scan by a radiologist. The other may be the administering of contrast agents.