Cardiac PET CT Scan

04 Apr 2022

Cardiac PET CT Scan

Cardiac PET CT Scan


Cardiac PET CT Scan is basically a heart imaging test that basically uses radiotracers, given by Pills, gas or injected, in your body to check whether you are suffering from Poor blood circulation in the heart. Be careful during the test. Your unnecessary activity might distort the image. Start Following doctor's instructions before 48 hours of the scheduled time and wait for 60-70 minutes at one place after taking the nuclear medicine. waiting will allow radiotracers to find the targeted area and accumulate for the given purpose.

Quick facts about Cardiac PET CT Scan

Cardiac PET CT Scan uses radiotracers

A highly sensetive scanner traces the gamma rays emitted by the radio tracers

A computer then process these signals into the detailed images to creat report and identify the intensity of the problem

This imaging test also tells whether tablets need to be taken ora surgery needs to be done to restore blood supply to the heart


When doctor suggest for Cardiac PET CT Scan?

Doctor generally suggest undergoing Cardiac PET CT Scan when he wants to know the real time details regarding blood circulation to heart, oxygen intake level of the body, metabolism rate and other vital details.

Does Cardiac PET CT Scandetect heart blockage?

This test is often carried out to diagnose the heart condition. This imaging test also see if there is any significant problem in Coronary artery disease (CAD). It includes blockage as well. In order to confirm more details, doctor can also carried out a stress (perfusion) test.

Do I need to prepare myself for Cardiac PET CT Scan?

Yes, you essentially have to start following doctor's instructions at least 48 hours before the scheduled diagnosis. Also make sure that you are not consuming prohibited food items like bakery products, alcohol, non-veg food items, junk food and others Check the complete list to follow. Strenuous Physical activities are also denied. change your fashionable of tight clothes to hospital gown and don't forget to remove metal items from body like rings, ead rings, chain, Pendant, etc.

DoesCardiac PET CT Scangive accurate result?

Accuracy ofCardiac PET CT Scanhowever lies at 84% - 93%. Usually every customer gets authentic report to depend upon but there may be Some exceptions during specific cases.

What type of details Cardiac PET CT Scangive?

Cardiac PET CT myocardial perfusion Scan images to monitor blood flow and overall health of heart muscles. This test Can also be performed to detect diseases in coronary artery by evaluating reduced blood circulation.

How my body reacts after Cardiac PET CT Scan?

 This test is an OPD procedure. So, you can normally return to home/office like once the test is successfully done. You are however advised to remain away of kids and ladies for their safety. Contact with pregnant ladies might prove highly problematic for mother and infant both. You might also witness traces of nuclear waste while urinating.

In how much time can I return to normal life?

 It is an OPD diagnosis. So, you do not need to wait for mode to return to normal life. But, doctor's approval is necessary to know whether everything is all right. you are also requested to wait until the report gets ready. Just collect the report and reach your doctor for further advice.

Should I take any kind of Protection for Cardiac PET CT Scan?

Customers are advised to not move body during Cardiac PET CT Scan. Movement of body affects images and reports to the large extent. Consequently, it becomes difficult to evaluate the results. on the other hand proper compliance with doctor's instructions helps to get good reports.