CA 125 Test - Why is It Done, Why is It Necessary, Know

CA 125 Test - Why is It Done, Why is It Necessary, Know

In this article, we will discuss about CA 125 test in detail

What is the CA 125 Blood Test?

CA 125 blood test helps in detecting ovarian cancer. CA 125 stands for cancer antigen 125, a protein found in the blood. It is often used as a biomarker as its levels increase significantly in certain diseases like ovarian cancer. The cost of the CA 125 test ranges from Rs 850 to Rs 1200.

What Are the Symptoms That Call for This Test?

Ovarian cancer is usually asymptomatic in the early stage. of the disease, but symptoms are observed as the cancer progresses these are

What is the Purpose of This Test?

CA 1256 test is done to monitor ovarian cancer, and If the level of the CA 125 test accomplished during and after treatment is found to be decreasing means the report is negative and no ovarian cancer is detected

This will also help to monitor the efficacy of the treatment

A positive report indicates the level of CA125 was found to be increased, and this may be a sign of a recurrence of cancer

Women who have a high chance of getting ovarian cancer are recommended to get a transvaginal ultrasound done every 6 months.

What to do Before the CA 125 Test?

Before the CA 125 test, the doctor asks you about 

  • your health history
  • Other health-related condition

They will also tell you about the purpose and procedure of the test. Consult with your doctor accordingly and clear all doubts before the test.

How Do I Prepare for the CA-125 Blood Test?

This test does not require any special preparation but you may be advised to rest before the test day. However, make certain to be ready to appear at the appointed time on the day of the test.

What is the Procedure for the CA 125 Test?

  • Blood sample collection: The doctor takes a blood sample with a small needle. You can also go for blood home sample collection at home
  • Lab test: The blood sample is then tested in the lab for further analysis
  • Result: The report is generated based on the observed levels of CA 125  in the blood which helps in evaluating the medical condition.

What to do After the CA 125 test?

After the CA 125 test, your doctor will analyse the report and give you suggestions as per the report and if there are any particular concerns in the report, they may contact you to explain them. If the test results are not acceptable, you may be directed for further examination.

How Frequently Should You Go for the CA 125 Test?

The timing of the test completely depends upon the medical history of a patient Your doctor will refer you to this test based on the circumstances Normally, it can be done once or yearly as an inspection of medical improvement.

Why Do I Need to Have a CA-125 Test?

The CA 125 test is a primary screening test to detect ovarian cancer and it is suggested only if he suspects any common symptoms of ovarian cancer, this test also helps assess the result of cancer treatment. You may also be instructed to have this test if you are experiencing radiation or cancer treatment for a comprehensive investigation.

What to Anticipate During the CA 125 Test?

During the CA 125 test,

  •  Be patient and proactive. 
  • The doctor or radiologist will direct you through the whole procedure and address your queries. 
  • Relax before the test as this will ensure a good result

What is the Normal Range of the CA-125 Test?

The range may vary in some individuals depending upon the medical condition, the normal range of the CA-125 test is between 0 to 35 U/mL. Therefore, must go to a doctor so that they can assess this range based on your possibilities.

What is the Cost of the CA 125 Test in Delhi Ncr?

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