A Step By Step Guide To Whole Body PET CT Scan

23 Aug 2022- Posted by Admin

A Step By Step Guide To Whole Body PET CT Scan

To diagnose chronic diseases, there are various types of imaging tests for capturing images inside of the body. PET CT scan is one of the most popular and highly recommended imaging techniques. A whole-body PET CT Scan provides both, structural and functional information about the body organs and tissues at both cellular and molecular levels. To conduct the test, an “O” shaped machine is used. Today most diagnostic centres and hospitals are using this technology.

The procedure of PET CT scan is widely used to detect cancers, and diagnose brain conditions, and heart diseases. It helps doctors in examining the internal organs and checking if they are functioning properly or not. It provides a doctor with complete information about the flow of blood and how your body is utilizing sugar and oxygen. It also tells the doctors which part of the body is healing.

Things you need to know about the whole-body PET CT Scans

It is an advanced technology used in nuclear imaging. Here are some instructions (Do’s and Don’ts) patients need to know before a PET CT scan.

  • Drink only plain water and take your daily scheduled medicine such as diabetes medications, Blood pressure medications before the scan.
  • Diabetic patients can eat a meal 6 hours before the scan.
  • Inform the technologist/doctor/radiologist in case of pregnancy.
  • Inform the technologist/doctor/radiologist in case of breastfeeding.
  • Inform the technologist/doctor/radiologist if you are allergic to anything.
  • Inform the technologist/radiologist/doctor if you had any radiation therapy recently.
  • If you take insulin, inform your doctor for special guidance.


  • Don’t eat any food items at least 8 hours before the scan
  • Don’t perform any strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours before the scan.
  • Remove things that have metallic objects like zips, snaps, jewellery, glasses, dentures etc

Diagnosing health issues and early detection of diseases at an early stage at the right time makes a huge difference in health management. It helps in increasing the expectancy rate of life for a better quality of life. PET CT Scan is well known today for the early diagnosis of many chronic diseases. To gather the information radioactive glucose is injected into the veins of the human body during a scan. It helps in gathering information about almost all the tissues of the body. It diagnoses the abnormalities in the organs or tissues in the body and helps in the early detection of diseases. As per the requirement of the diseases, the doctor decides, if the patient needs only a PET scan or a PET CT scan. It can be used in various fields such as Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Infection and Inflammation imaging.

Conclusion: -

The diseases that can be easily and in-depth diagnosed with full body PET CT scan can be listed as cancer, heart problems such as coronary artery disease, brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, seizures, brain tumours, memory disorders and many other problems associated with the central nervous system. It provides 3-D images and functional as well as cellular level information of the organs and the tissues.

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