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beta (hcg) human chorionic gonadotropin

Beta (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

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The beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (-hCG) total test determines the quantity of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the blood, ideally ten days after conception. During early pregnancy, between 8 and 10 weeks, the levels of this hormone rise in the bloodstream, after which they begin to diminish. The function of b-hCG in early pregnancy is to keep the corpus luteum healthy.

This test is often used to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant. It can, however, aid in the diagnosis of suspected malignancies, post-miscarriage surveillance, and ectopic pregnancy detection. After 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, hCG levels aren't handy for determining the pregnancy's viability.

An ultrasound is used instead to verify the presence of a fetal heartbeat. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are associated with low hCG, whereas numerous pregnancies are associated with high hCG.

What is Beta hCG?

hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is also known as pregnancy hormone. It is produced by the trophoblastic cells that surrounds the embryo in early pregnancy. Once the placenta is formed, it becomes the source of hCG hormone. 

As early as 7-8 days after conception, hCG can be detected in blood/serum of pregnant women. hCG levels get doubled after every 2 days and peaks at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. Then, it starts declining, reaches plateau at 16 weeks and maintained till term. It disappears from circulation after 2 weeks post-delivery of baby. 

Beta-hCG hormone is also produced by some tumors/cancers such as choriocarcinoma. Thus, an elevated levels of hCG in non-pregnant females may act as a tumor marker for cancers.

Beta-hCG Blood test at Home:

Beta-hCG blood test at home is used to measure beta-hCG levels in your blood/serum for early pregnancy detection. It also helps to rule out or monitor diseases/conditions associated with elevated or low hCG levels. Sample is collected at home according to your preferred date and timing of test.

Ganesh lab offers you at-home sample collection facility and too without any additional or hidden charges. Book Beta-hCG test at home for diagnosis, monitoring and proper management of your conditions.

Uses of beta-hCG blood test?

Your healthcare professional may recommend a β -hCG blood test for screening, evaluation, detection or monitoring purpose in the following situations:

  1. Intrauterine pregnancy.
  2. Failed pregnancy.
  3. Partial molar pregnancy.
  4. Complete molar pregnancy.
  5. Invasive mole.
  6. Unruptured ectopic pregnancy.
  7. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
  8. Missed abortion.
  9. Miscarriage.
  10. Choriocarcinoma.
  11. PSTT (placental site trophoblastic tumours).
  12. As a component of prenatal screening tests such as: 
    • Double marker test
    • Triple marker test 
    • Quadruple marker test.

How to prepare for beta-hCG blood test at home?

Follow these simple steps if you need a beta-hCG test at home:

  • Take an appointment: Schedule your appointment in a diagnostic lab having the facility of beta-hCG test to avail home sample collection.
  • Food: You can take your usual meals. Fasting is not required for beta-hCG test if done alone. 
  • Medications: Inform your doctor about all the drugs and supplements that you are currently taking. Certain drugs may alter the test result. Your doctor may advice some modifications before the test if required.

What is the procedure for beta-hCG blood test at home?

The procedure for beta-hCG blood test at home may include the following steps:

  • A phlebotomist will come at your doorstep for blood sample collection according to the scheduled date and time.
  • All aseptic precautions will be taken before the procedure begins.  
  • First a torniquet will be tied around your arm.
  • Then a cotton swab soaked with 70% alcohol is used to clean/disinfect the injection site before needle insertion.
  • Then a small needle will be inserted in the vein of your arm and required amount of blood is withdrawn from it and collected in a test tube. 
  • Then the needle is removed and an adhesive sticker is placed on the puncture site to prevent it from infections.
  • Sample is sent to laboratory for further processing and testing.test at home in Delhi?

Price of beta-hCG test depends upon many factors such as city and locality. Different diagnostic labs charges according to the quality of machines they have and various offers that they are providing to their customers. Charges may also vary depending upon the type of beta-hCG test.

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging centre (GDIC), Rohini also known as GDIC or Ganesh lab is currently offering 50% discounts on various tests including beta-hCG tests.

Our centers are NABH accredited and equipped with modern, highly expensive machines with latest cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled Radiologists and Pathologists.We follow strict aseptic conditions to prevent transmission of infections.

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Best diagnostic centre for beta-hCG test in Delhi?

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging center (GDIC) is considered as the best diagnostic lab for beta-hCG test in Rohini, North-East Delhi. We have many branches in different locations of Delhi including Hari Nagar, Yamuna Vihar, Nangloi, Derawal Nagar and Mangol puri. 

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging center (GDIC) is now considered one of the most popular diagnostic labs in Delhi as: 

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Beta (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Test (Pathology Tests) (Hormones Test)


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