BCoR (C-10) Antibody Test Cost & Procedure

BCoR (C-10) Antibody

BCoR (C-10) Antibody

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A mouse monoclonal antibody known as BCoR (C-10) was developed to target the human-originated BCoR's N-terminal amino acids from 1-300. With widespread expression, BCoR is found in the nucleus where its three ANK repeat domains allow it to interact with other proteins. Anophthalmia, also known as microphthalmia with accompanying anomalies 2, is caused by mutations in the gene encoding BCoR and is characterised by a variety of characteristics, including renal aplasia, mental retardation, hyospadias, microencephaly, and cryp- torchidism. BCoR is synthesised as four different isoforms as a result of alternative splicing activities.

BCoR (C-10) is advised for the detection of BCoR of human origin using solid phase ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and Western Blotting (beginning dilution 1:100, dilution range 1:100-1:1000), as well as immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation (starting dilution 1:30, dilution range 1:30- 1:3000).

A suitable control antibody for BCoR siRNA (h): sc-72635, BCoR shRNA Plasmid (h): sc-72635-SH, and BCoR shRNA (h) The lentiviral particle code is sc-72635-V.

BCoR has a 192 kDa molecular weight.

Positive Controls: Y79 cell lysate or HeLa whole cell lysate (sc-2200 or sc-2240).

Principle of method

Mouse BCOR (C-10) Using formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded slices, monoclonal antibodies are utilised. It is advised to pre-treat deparaffinized tissue using enzymatic or heat-induced epitope retrieval..Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining techniques, in general, allow the visualisation of antigens by sequentially applying an antibody to the antigen (primary antibody), an antibody to the primary antibody's linker (link antibody), an enzyme complex, and a chromogenic substrate with intervening washing step. A visible reaction product is produced at the antigen site as a result of the chromogen's enzymatic activity. Findings are analysed under a light microscope to help with pathophysiological diagnosis.

Outcome Interpretation

At the antigen locations that the primary antibody has targeted, a coloured reaction product precipitates during the immunostaining process. For information on anticipated colour reactions, consult the relevant detection system's package insert. Before interpreting the data, a qualified pathologist with competence in immunohistochemistry methods must analyse the control tissues.

Regulation of Positive Tissue

To make sure that all of the reagents are working properly, it is first necessary to inspect the stained positive control. Positive reactivity is shown by the presence of an adequately coloured reaction product within the target cells or markers. Consult the box insert for the colour reaction detection device. Any results with the specimens are taken into consideration if positive tissue control cannot demonstrate appropriate positive staining.

Test Type BCoR (C-10) Antibody

BCoR (C-10) Antibody (Pathology Test)


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