Bacterial Growth Identification Vitek 2 Test Cost & Procedure

Bacterial Growth Identification Vitek 2

Bacterial Growth Identification Vitek 2

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Bacterial growth identification VITEK 2 is a system that helps identify bacteria. It also helps in the susceptibility testing of bacteria.

Identification of Bacterial growth

For the identification of bacterial growth, Gram staining is carried out. It is a diagnostic test that helps identify bacteria immediately. The gram staining helps in the differentiation between gram-positive and gram-negative organisms.

Ways to identify bacteria?

The techniques to identify bacteria-

  • Serological techniques
  • Biochemical methods
  • PCR
  • Chromogenic media.

This media has agar plates that contain chromogenic substances, which are hydrolyzed by specific enzymes produced by the bacteria.

How does Vitek 2 System work

The VITEK 2 system is a test that helps in the identification and susceptibility of bacteria. It is a fluorescence-based technology. The results are identified by pure bacteria culture.

Detection of bacterial growth by Vitek2 instrument

There is the monitoring of growth in all the wells by VITEK2. Growth is measured until some amount of kr growth of bacteria is detected by the turbidity measurements.

What is the Vitek 2 instrument used for?

The instruments for bacterial growth detection are VITEK 2 and VITEK 2 XL.

These formats are mainly for the laboratories and provide the increase in levels of automation and the capacity for increased volume laboratories. There is also the availability of antimicrobial susceptibility tests and automatic pipetting.

Working on Vitek ID

Vitek is a system or test that helps identify yeast and bacteria. The identification is brought by the levels of nutrient usage and the biochemical reactions. Test results, which involve bacteria growth, are obtained within 18-72 hours. A system that can identify bacteria and yeast.

Principle of Vitek 2

The principle of the VITEK is a technique which is based on the broth microdilution minimum inhibitory concentration.

Methods of identification useful to identify bacteria?

Nowadays,many methods are used for the identification of the bacteria.

  • PCR .

It is the most commonly used technique for the identification of bacteria present in our body.

  • Analytical identification
  • Immunological identification
  • Microarray based identification

Test Type Bacterial Growth Identification Vitek 2

Bacterial Growth Identification Vitek 2 (Pathology Test)


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Test Price ₹ 260 ₹ 520
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