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ascitic fluid for fungus stain

Ascitic Fluid For Fungus Stain

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To determine the amount of fungal smear (also known as ascitic fluid) in a sample of ascitic fluid, a fungal smear test is conducted. It is done to confirm a fungus-related infection of the ascitic fluid as well as during and after therapy for a fungus-related disease of the ascitic fluid and an immune-suppressive condition.

What does the Ascitic Fluid Test for Fungi Entail?

In our abdominal cavity, ascitic fluid functions as a lubricant to minimise friction between the organs during movement and digesting. A fungal culture test determines whether ascitic fluid is infected with fungus. You may also be tested for a fungus infection during and after therapy.

Preparation for the Ascitic Fluid Test for Fungal Culture

You don't need to concentrate on getting ready for the test. All you have to do is ensure your doctor has given you all the information you need and that you are well-informed about the operation and medications. Your doctor would suggest the best action for you based on your situation.

Applications for the Ascitic Fluid Test with Fungal Culture

  • If your test yields negative results, there is no fungus-caused ascitic fluid infection.
  • If you previously had a fungal infection in your ascetic fluid, underwent treatment for it, retook the test and received negative findings, the treatment was successful, and the condition has since been cleared up.
  • If your test is positive, it signifies that your ascitic fluid has a fungal infection.
  • Sometimes the situation may be present, but the test results may be harmful because of the fungus in the liquid.

Ascitic Fluid Test for Fungal Culture: Procedural Guide

  • The Fungal Culture test has a straightforward process.
  • The sample is placed in the culture media for the test to check for fungus.

What is the Cost of Ascitic Fluid For Fungus Stain Test

The average price for Ascitic Fluid for Fungus Stain test is seen to differ from one center to another. The price range is said to be between  INR 100 to INR 1150 in Delhi, India.

Test Type Ascitic Fluid For Fungus Stain

Ascitic Fluid for Fungus Stain (Pathology)


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Test Price ₹ 160 ₹ 320
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