Antithrombin Activity

Antithrombin Activity

Antithrombin Activity

The antithrombin activity full test is used to find out the cause of abnormal blood clots in the body.  In the case of injury, your body must be able to form blood clots to stop too much bleeding. There is an important protein in the body that helps to clot is thrombin. This protein is blocked by antithrombin which works to thin the blood slightly. A lack of antithrombin makes it more likely for you to form blood clots.

The antithrombin activity full test measures how well the protein inhibits thrombin, and how much antithrombin protein the body has made.

Why is Antithrombin Activity Full Done?

The doctor recommends this test

If patients have had a problem with blood clots.
• A blood clot becomes stuck in the lung.
• A clot that forms in the belly
• A clot that forms near the brain
• A family history of blood clotting etc.

What is the procedure for Antithrombin Activity Full?

This test requires a blood sample. You need to give blood from the vein of the arm.

Preparation for Antithrombin Activity Full

There is no need for any special preparation required for the Antithrombin Activity Full 

Risk Factor/ Side Effects

This test poses some risks/ side effects such as bleeding, infection, bruising, and feeling lightheaded.

Cost of Antithrombin Activity Full

The cost of an Antithrombin Activity Full near me in Delhi ranges from INR 2800 to INR 3000



Test Type Antithrombin Activity

Antithrombin Activity Full Test (Pathology Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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