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To determine the cause of elevated serum alkaline phosphatase, 5′ nucleotidase is utilized. It is an enzyme connected to the liver that is used to develop cholestatic/biliary blockage.

Although it parallels the rises in leucine aminopeptidase and alkaline phosphatase seen in hepatobiliary diseases, it is typically not raised in skeletal disorders such as Paget's disease of the bone. It is worsened by primary biliary cirrhosis, metastatic hepatic neoplasia, and tumour-induced biliary blockage. The liver makes the protein 5'-nucleotidase (5'-NT). You can have a test to see how much of this protein is in your blood.

What is 5-NT?

A hydrolytic enzyme called nucleotidase catalyzes the breakdown of a nucleotide into a nucleoside and a phosphate. Nucleoside + phosphate = a nucleotide + H2O It transforms guanosine monophosphate into guanosine, for instance, and adenosine monophosphate into adenosine.

The liver makes the protein 5'-nucleotidase (5'-NT). You can have a test to see how much of this protein is in your blood.


  • A vein is tapped to draw blood. There can be some throbbing afterwards.

How to Get Ready for the Exam

  • Drugs that could impact outcomes include: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) (Tylenol)
  • HalothanesIsoniazidsMethyldopasNitrofurantoin

Why is the Test Done?

If you exhibit symptoms of a liver condition, your doctor can request this test for you. It is mostly used to determine if the elevated protein level is the result of liver or skeletal muscle injury.

Normal Results

It typically ranges from 2 to 17 units per litre. The aforementioned illustrations highlight the typical metrics for these tests' outcomes. What Abnormal Results Mean Higher than expected levels could mean: The liver's bile flow is

  • Obstructed (cholestasis)
  • Heart attack
  • Hepatitis (inflamed liver) (inflamed liver)
  • Liver blood flow is inadequate
  • Death of liver tissue
  • Liver tumour or cancer
  • Lung condition
  • Pancreatic illness
  • Hepatic scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Substance use that is harmful to the liver


There are a few minor hazards to getting blood drawn, including a lot of blood loss

  • Fainting or experiencing dizziness
  • Hematoma (blood accumulating under the skin) (blood accumulating under the skin)

What is the Cost of 5'-Nucleotidase

The average price for 5'-Nucleotidase test is seen to differ from one center to another. The price range is said to be between INR 4000 to INR 21000 in Delhi, India.

Test Type 5'-Nucleotidase

5'-Nucleotidase Test (Pathology)


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