CT Peripheral Angiography Test

CT Peripheral Angiography Test

CT Peripheral Angiography Test

Peripheral angiography is a test that examines and finds blocked or narrowed blood vessels or arteries carrying blood to the brain, arms, and legs using X-rays and a special dye.It is very helpful for doctors to find the narrowed or blocked areas in the peripheral arteries.

Peripheral angiography assists doctors in identifying blocked or narrowed arteries that carry blood to the legs, limbs, knees, ankles, and arms. The doctor who uses.

Discuss your allergies and any medications you are taking with our doctor. Your doctor advise you on diet and prescribe medications to be taken 24 hours before the tests. Leave your jewellery at home and make arrangements for someone to drive you back home.

With minimal invasion surgery, the test can help identify the blockage and its severity.

Within 4-5 hours of the procedure, the patient can resume normal activities.

At times, the inserted dye dissolves the artery blockage.

The procedure takes less time and is not dangerous.

Doctor asks for CT Peripheral Angio to diagnose bleeding, inflammation, and swelling of blood vessels. The symptoms you may experience are

* Legs/Arms Pain

Shiny skin on your legs/feet

Dead tissue due to lack of flow of blood

Numbness in limbs

Weakness in limbs

Reddish-blue colour extremities

Pain at rest and trouble moving around

CT Peripheral Angio is not performed on pregnant women because radiation can harm the baby in the womb.

A CT Peripheral Angiography Testis typically performed in a hospital's radiology department or an outpatient imaging facility. So, for the best services and reliable results, schedule your test at Ganesh Diagnostic in Yamuna Vihar.




Test Type CT Peripheral Angiography Test

CT Peripheral Angiography Test (CT Scans)


Within 4-6 hours*

Test Price: ₹ 16000
100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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