Urine For Catecholamine

Urine For Catecholamine

Urine For Catecholamine

This test is usually done to diagnose an adrenal gland tumor called pheochromocytoma. It may also be used to diagnose neuroblastoma. Urine catecholamine levels are increased in most people with neuroblastoma.

How the example is gathered for testing?

A urine catecholamine test measures the total amount in your urine over a 24-hour period. That’s because hormone levels can go up and down during the day. You will pee into a special container every time you use the washroom for 24 hours.

Is there any test readiness required?

No preparation is necessary for this test, but several things can interfere with your catecholamine level, including,

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate and vanilla
  • Allergy medicines
  • Foods like walnuts, avocados, bananas, citrus, cheese, and licorice.

Does the test really need?

It can develop at any age but is most common in early to middle adulthood. It is believed that the condition is genetic.

How do derive experimental outcomes?

Automated sample preparation coupled to isotope-dilution mass spectrometry measurements of urinary concentrations of free and deconjugated catecholamine.

Cost for the Urine Catecholamine Test 

The cost of Catecholamine 24 hrs Urine in India varies from Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,000 in cities in India.

₹ 2250 4500 Pay Now Limited Offer


Test Type Urine For Catecholamine

Urine For Catecholamine (Pathology Tests)


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