Truelab Quattro Real-Time Quantitative PCR Machine

Truelab Quattro Real-Time Quantitative PCR Machine

The Truelab Real Time quantitative micro PCR system which is from Molbio Diagnostics brings the PCR technology to the point-of-care, at all laboratory and also the non-laboratory settings, near patient, or on the field.

It can essentially be used at all the levels of healthcare thereby decentralizing and democratizing the access to molecular diagnostics.

At Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Center, we also have both the analyzer and extractor as a part of the system present with it.


Fully automatic Real Time Quantitative micro PCR Analyzer is four channeled and works on Truenat microchips. 

The Four channel-Three wavelength system performs 40-48 tests in 8 hours. This allows for accurate diagnosis of infection and initiation of the correct treatment at the first point of contact itself. Its run-time is around 45 min.


  • It is considered to be the point of care; it offers portability and ease of being transported from one place to another.
  • It is an automatic and rapid system.
  • It has an ease of being battery/mains operated

Allows for a wireless transfer real-time data transfer capabilities (through the SMS/or E-mail/or data push) for an immediate reporting of results in any emergency cases of data.