X-Ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View Procedure

X-Ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View Procedure

X-Ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View Procedure

The thoracic spine's x-ray can be used to assess fractures in the twelve-bone structure. If the patient experiences numbness in their arm or hand, this x-ray is also taken. Thoracic spine x-rays are required in cases of accidents. This is done to ascertain whether he has internal wounds.

 Why is X-Ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View Done?

This view is useful in assessing:

  • To See Fracture in T1-T12 Bones
  • Numbness In Both Hands or Arms
  • Collapse bone of the thoracic spine
  • Deformity
  • Trauma
  • Foreign body
  • Subluxation Or Kyphosis

Patient Preparation

  • To prevent a bright or blank spot on the diagnostic film, remove any metal-containing objects from the area of the body that is being scanned, such as jewellery or other similar objects.
  • Inform the technician if you are pregnant.

What is the procedure for X-ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View?

  • Depending on the clinical history, the patient is either upright or supine.
  • To provide a functional picture of the thoracic spine, spinal imaging should ideally be performed while standing upright and free from trauma.
  • Patients with suspected spinal injuries must always be imaged while lying flat on their backs.
  • In the lateral position, the patient must fold their hands over their heads and flex both of their knees toward their stomachs for stabilisation.


Risks/Side Effects

No risks or side effects are there



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X-Ray Thoracic Spine AP/LAT View Procedure  (X-Rays)

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