Erba XL640 Biochemical Analyzer

Erba XL640 Biochemical Analyzer

The Fully automated and Clinical Chemistry analyzer XL640 with the throughput of around 640 tests/hr with an Indirect Ion Specific electrodes (ISE) of (Na/K/Cl/Li) and the diffraction grating for the high resolution measurement. 


On board, there are 50 samples along with 56 refrigerated reagent positions with a STAT facility. The XL 640 features are the following:

  • Extensive Quality Control
  • User Friendly 
  • Low Consumption Service.
  • Twin Plot diagrams for monitoring of any systematic and random error 


It is a dependable, patient prioritized, a powerful and robust analyzer to keep up with heavy demands of everyday workload. XL 640 is designed to also operate smoothly over long haul and also to deliver a consistent quality report.