Diasys SYS-400 Fully Chemistry Analyzer

Diasys SYS-400 Fully Chemistry Analyzer


  • It is a biochemistry machine that has a concave flat field grating, cluster- optical path, and the ability to analyze the super micro volume detection of the reaction solution. 
  • It helps to sophisticate the findings of the user defined input of the patient information & the graphical software.


  • It has a constant throughput of 400 photometry tests conducted per hour
  •  Rear Spectrophotometry Grating with Cluster- Optical Path, realizing Super micro Volume detection of reaction Solution 
  • It has a 3- Polished probe (60 nm) and it has the ability to ensure a proper liquid level detection
  • Clot Detection & also has collision protection.

It is used to efficient perform tests like to albumin tests, the sugar level tests, and to detect level of different enzymes and creatinine in the bloodstream.