Calcium Test (Ca Test) With Cost

Calcium Blood

Calcium Blood

Book Calcium Test (Ca Test) at the best price in Delhi NCR, India from GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre). GDIC is a NABL Accredited Pathology lab in Delhi offering a wide range of lab tests.

What is Calcium Test (Ca Test)?

Calcium plays an important role in the body. It is highly responsible for maintaining the strength of bones, muscles, blood clotting as well as neuro functions. An abnormal level of calcium in the body leads to various health issues and complications such as kidney problems, bone disorders, tumors, etc.

A calcium test is a blood test that is used to measure the level of calcium in your blood.

Doctors usually recommend the calcium test, if you have signs/symptoms such as excess urination, excess thirst, abnormal rhythm of the heart, memory loss, joint pain, and bone pain. It is also prescribed If the patient has a tumour problem, lung disease or side effects of medications.

Why is Calcium Test (Ca Test) performed?

If the patient experience signs/ symptoms indicating excess or shortage of calcium in the body.
To diagnose the diseases such as thyroid, parathyroid, kidney issues, heart-related problems, neurological disorders, pancreatitis, bone pain and oral health diseases that cause abnormalities in calcium levels in the blood.
To monitor the treatment efficacy.
To monitor the patients with severe illness.
To monitor the level of calcium during and after large-volume blood transfusions
If you are experiencing signs/ symptoms such as excess thirst, fatigue, dry skin, muscle ache and muscle cramps, muscle stiffness, and spasm.

How do I prepare for Calcium Test (Ca Test)?

There is no requirement for special preparation for the Calcium test (Ca test)

Cost of Calcium Test (Ca Test) in Delhi

The cost of a Calcium Test in Delhi near me ranges from INR 150 to INR 300.

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Test Type Calcium Blood

Serum, Calcium Test (Biochemistry Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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