X-Ray Skull Townes View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

28 Oct 2022

X-Ray Skull Townes View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

The Townes View X-Ray test is used to examine the inside of the skull. This examination examines the anterior external area of the skull where the rays enter the brain from front to back. After an accident or trauma, a doctor may order this test to see inside the skull.


This view is useful in assessing:

* Petrous part of the pyramids

* Dorsum sellae

* Posterior clinoid processes

* Above three are well visualized in the foramen magnum

* Medial and lateral displacement of the skull fracture

* Neoplastic changes

* Paget disease

Patient Preparation

* Remove the objects containing Metal, such as Jewellery, Hair Clips, Watches, Rings, or any other similar object from scanning part of the body to avoid a bright spot on the diagnostic film.

* Before the examination procedure, inform the x-ray technologist/doctor/radiology nurse if you are expecting(pregnant)

Patient Positioning

* Either the patient lies supine on a Bucky table or in a sitting position. The Head is adjusted to bring the median sagittal plane perpendicular to the film.

* The external auditory meatus is equidistant from the cassette.

* The orbito-meatal baseline must be perpendicular to the cassette.

Central Ray

* Its angle caudally so it makes 30 degrees to the orbito-meatal line

* Centre in the midline such that the beam passes midway between the external auditory meatus.

* This is a point approx. 4 cm above the glabella.

Technical Factor

* Anteroposterior axial projection

* Centering point

  • The beam travels 30° caudad to the radiographic line

* Collimation

  • Superior to include skin margins
  • Inferior to include the base of the skull
  • Lateral to the skin margins

* Orientation  

  • Portrait

* Detector size

  • 24 cm x 30 cm

* Exposure

  • 60-70 kVp
  • 10-20 mAs


  • SID
  • 100 cm
  • Grid
  • No

Image Technical Evaluation

* Sella turcica overlies the foramen magnum

* Petrous ridges are symmetrical 

* Included all the occipital bone and posterior part of the parietal bone and the lambdoidal suture should be visualized clearly.

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