Piedraia Hortae : The Rare Fungal Infection You Need To Know About

Piedraia Hortae : The Rare Fungal Infection You Need To Know About

Piedraia hortae could be a superficial organism that exists within the soils of tropical and subtropical situations and influences both genders of all ages.The organisms develops exceptionally gradually, shaping dull hyphae,...

Piedraia hortae could be a superficial organism that exists within the soils of tropical and subtropical situations and influences both genders of all ages.The organisms develops exceptionally gradually, shaping dull hyphae, which contain chlamydoconidia cells and dark colonies when developed on agar.

Piedraia hortae may be a dermatophyte and causes a shallow contagious disease known as dark piedra, which causes the arrangement of dark knobs on the hair shaft and leads to dynamic debilitating of the hair.The disease ordinarily contaminates hairs on the scalp and whiskers, but other assortments tend to develop on pubic hairs.

The contamination is as a rule treated with cutting or shaving of the hair and taken after by the application of anti-fungal and topical specialists. The organism is utilized for corrective purposes to obscure hair in a few social orders as a image of allure.


The environment and commonplace skin greenery are the 2 fundamental sources of infectious specialists that cause piedra. The source of contamination in dark piedra, P hortae, shows up to be within the soil; be that as it may, disease moreover has been traced to life forms in stagnant water and crops.

The source of contamination for white piedra, regularly T asahii, can be show within the soil, discuss, water, vegetable matter, or sputum or on body surfaces. Be that as it may, the mode of disease in people isn't clear. Trichosporon inkin and Trichosporon mucoides have too been recorded as abnormal causes of scalp hair white piedra. White piedra has been described in steeds, monkeys, and mutts.

Trichosporon species may moreover be causative operators of onychomycosis. A German ponder appeared that among yeasts, they spoken to 10% of such contaminations. T inkin and T ovoides may be human nail infection pathogens in Brazil. In expansion, T asahii fungemia may create in clinically disintegrated patients with or without an fundamental hematological danger, as in a neutropenic quiet with intense leukemia.


T asahii can cause white piedra and every so often an onychomycosis. The sort Trichosporon Behrend comprises of 6 human pathogenic species:

T asahii, T mucoides, T ovoides, T asteroides, T cutaneum, and T inkin and all of which have a place to the course Basidiomycetes.These species are the causative specialists of piedra and other shallow diseases as well as mucosa-associated systemic mycosis. Cladosporium cladosporioides may too cause white piedra.

In Brazil Trichosporon ovoides and Trichosporon inkin are common causative agents of white piedra, creating knobs in genital hair or on the scalp. Of Trichosporon species isolated from 10 clinical tests in a 2008 think about, T ovoides was transcendent, being found in 7 tests, whereas T inkin was recognized fair in two of them.

The study of disease transmission


United states

White piedra is very common in parts of the southern Joined together States and less so somewhere else in America. Be that as it may, white piedra may be rising as a commonly seen hair and scalp contamination within the northeastern Joined together States.


Dark piedra is most common in tropical locales such as South America, Distant East, and the Pacific Islands. At one time, dark piedra supposedly was endemic in Brazilian Indians living within the northern zone of midwestern Brazil.This drift may have been connected to the Brazilian Indians' social utilize of plant oils in their hair.

Dark Piedra Causes

Dark piedra results from a specific contagious species called Piedraia hortae. This contagious infection comes about from destitute individual cleanliness. Dark piedra is commonly seen in individuals having long hair and with the excessive utilize of distinctive hair oils. The exact mode of spread of piedra is not clear. Hones like delayed wearing of veils or tight caps may contribute to its improvement and movement.

The utilize of an tainted comb or sharing of pads and bedsheets may be the possible factors for transmission. There are moreover reports of sexual transmission. The rate of parasitic contaminations is on the rise due to the artful nature of the contagious living beings and the predominance of immunodeficient conditions.

The soil shows up to be the essential source of disease in dark piedra, in spite of the fact that Piedraia hortae, has moreover been followed in stagnant water and crops. Piedraia hortae can deliver sexual spores within the parasitic phase, which may be a special include of this organism among other pathogenic organisms.

Dark Piedra Signs and Side effects

Dark piedra is asymptomatic, but for the unattractive hubs obvious on hair strands. On examination, the hair shaft appears immovably attached brown-black knobs, which are less than 1mm in estimate. These knobs are coarse on palpation. The knobs are more often than not numerous and shift in measure from infinitesimal to 1 mm or more in breadth. They are oval or prolonged in shape with their thickness tapering from one conclusion to the other or from the center to the edge.

They are composed of a compact cellular substance that encompasses the hair shaft. Hair shafts influenced by these knobs gotten to be powerless and regularly break at the point of infection. Black piedra is constant and can final for months or indeed a long time.

Dark Piedra Conclusion


Hair examination utilizing trichoscopy may give valuable data for the right conclusion by separating pseudonits from nits 10. It shows different oval or elongated-shaped brown-black knobs on the hair shaft.

Coordinate minuscule examination

The tiny examination of the colonies shows round, dim brown, globus ascus with ascospores. Coordinate minuscule examination of the smashed knobs beneath 10% potassium hydroxide (KOH) appears branched hyphae (4 to 8 microns) held together by a cement-like substance. The dematiaceous filamentous hyphae show up as chains of hefty thick-walled cells taking after arthrospores. Visualization improvement can be by means of lactophenol cotton blue and other colored dyes.

Contagious Culture

The culture on Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA) medium at room temperature appears a smooth greenish-black colony with a raised and cerebriform center. The invert side of the colonies is blackish. Whereas performing the culture, it is vital that cycloheximide does not inhibit this organism.

Dark Piedra Treatment

Shaving the head of all the hair is perfect way">the most ideal way to urge freed of this parasitic contamination. Be that as it may, this choice may not be worthy to females for tasteful reasons.

Topical antifungal agents within the frame of cream or shampoos are successful; 2% ketoconazole or 2% miconazole cleanser connected once a week for three weeks is successful. Non-surfactant based leave-on salves are too an choice. Ciclopirox (0.77%) lotion or 1 to 1.5% shampoo have moreover been utilized successfully.


The prognosis after treatment is nice. Evacuation of the influenced hair is as a rule corrective, with few repeats. Indeed without treatment, unconstrained reductions can happen.

Restorative dreariness happens since piedra may affect the patient's body image; the hair shaft may break and/or the understanding may ought to shave the influenced hair.

Trichosporon, a causative pathogen of white piedra and summer-type touchiness pneumonitis, can seldom create a lethal dispersed trichosporonosis, a concern in immunocompromised persons.Trichosporon inkin meningitis has been depicted.