PET CT Scan: Its Uses and Benefits in Cancer

PET CT Scan: Its Uses and Benefits in Cancer

In this article, we are going to discuss PET-CT scan and its uses and benefits in the cancer disease. We will also discuss best PET-CT scan centre in Delhi and cost of scan

Positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) scan is the special type of diagnosis tool that uses 3D images for the accurate diagnosis of the disease. The scan involves the usage of special type of short acting radioactive substance for the diagnosis. Most common used radioactive tracer is the glucose called Fludeoxyglucose F18 for the diagnosis of the disease. This scan uses tracer for both typical and atypical metabolic activity of the cells. The rate of consumption of the radioactive tracer by the tissues gives the idea of body. Unhealthy tissues use less or more amount of glucose (sugar) as compared to the normal tissue for normal process. In case of cancer, cells grow quickly so they need more glucose than the normal. Similarly, tissues using less glucose as compared to the normal indicate the abnormality in the tissue. Tissues which absorb more radiotracer can be easily detected by the scan and are called the hot spots. 

Uses of PET CT Scan in Cancer

Uses of PET CT Scan in Cancer

There are many uses of PET-CT scans in the cancer treatment. This is the advanced and accurate method of detecting the cancer even at the early stages. PET-CT scan can detect more accurately than PET scan or CT scan alone. Here are some uses of the PET-CT scan.

  • PET-CT scan is used to diagnose the cancer very fast

  • PET-CT scan is used to find out how big the cancer is

  • PET-CT scan is used to find the stage of the cancer 

  • PET-CT scan is used to find whether the cancer is spread or not

  • PET-CT scan decides whether to go for cancer surgery or not

  • PET-CT scan decides which treatment will be best for the patient

  • Plan for any therapy for the treatment

  • Checks whether cancer has comeback or not

Benefits of PET-CT in Cancer

As the scan is non-invasive and doesn’t include any instrument insertion in the body. This scan is famous for its accuracy and speed. Here are some benefits of the scan:

Benefits of PET-CT in Cancer

  • PET-CT scan is noninvasive so is painless

  • PET-CT scan provides best imaging data

  • PET-CT scan shows how body parts are working than showing only how they look

  • PET-CT scan convenient, comfortable and fast

  • PET-CT scan is mostly automated to minimize any type of error.

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PET-CT scan is new and advanced method for the detection of different types of cancer and its stages. This scan is fast, convenient, result oriented and painless.


What is PET-CT scan?

PET-CT scan is the diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of different types of diseases and conditions. 

How PET-CT scan can detect cancer early?

PET-CT scan uses radioactive tracers with 3D imaging for the detection of the cancer early. (Click for screening)

What are the risks associated with PET-CT scan?

There are no such risks associated PET-CT scan, when conducted in presence of healthcare expert and at good healthcare facility with proper guidelines and protocols.

Why PET-CT scan is effective tool for cancer diagnosis?

PET-CT scan is effective, because it uses the latest technology for diagnosis with 3D imaging system for easy and early detection.

What is the cost of PET-CT scan screening in Delhi?

Cost depends on area, healthcare facility provider and also on the type of the PET-CT scan you are going. You can choose Ganesh diagnostic for discounts and best facility. (Book Now)

How can you find PET-CT scan near me?

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