Can You Catch HIV From Kissing? Know the Top 10 HIV and Aids Myths

Can You Catch HIV From Kissing? Know the Top 10 HIV and Aids Myths

In this blog, we will discuss about a few myths about HIV AIDS, and take the mask off of some of the common myths.

HIV, named as Human immunodeficiency virus is a type of virus that targets an individual’s immune system. The HIV disease can generally spread through body fluids transfer including semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluids, blood, breastmilk, and anal fluids. By knowing the way it spreads can help prevent the chances of its infection and spreading.

The HIV Virus Commonly Spreads in the Following Qays:

HIV Virus Commonly Spreads

  • Unprotected intercourse
  • Needles sharing
  • Transfusion of contaminated blood 
  • Transplanting contaminated organs or tissue
  • It can even spread from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

We have various incorrect information about HIV transmission and its other facts which gives rise to various myths and rumors.

Top 10 Myths About HIV and Aids

Top 10 Myths About HIV and Aids

Can I Catch HIV From Kissing?

According to researches conducted by the NHS-National Health Society, HIV cannot spread through kissing. Although HIV virus is there in our saliva but saliva has enzymes (including SLPI- secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor) and antibodies that naturally inhibit the HIV virus to infect other body cells. However, HIV can spread via other body fluids including blood, semen, and vaginal fluids.

Does HIV Spread Through Mosquito Bites?

Most of the poeple believe in a myth that says that a mosquito bites can spread HIV when it bites and sucks blood from one infected person, and releases blood into another person by biting them. But, several studies have shown that this is not true. Firstly, the mosquitos do not transfer or inject sucked blood of one person or animal into another. Secondly, the HIV virus can not live for a long time inside of the mosquito as it contains salivary enzymes which renders a very short life of HIV virus inside these insects salivary gland.

Is It Possible to Have HIV if I Am Straight and Do Not Use Any Iv Drugs?

Another common misconception about HIV is that males who do not have intercourse with another male cannot get HIV. But this is not true. One can develop an HIV infection even while getting intimate with a female counterpart only. 3 in every 4 females and 1 in every 6 males are infected with HIV virus. However, the HIV virus getting transmitted during an intercourse among two women is very rare.

How Can I Know Whether My Partner is HIV Positive or Not?

Certain persons might not have any HIV symptoms and can remain asymptomatic for years. Therefore, the only way to determine if your partner has HIV or not can be achieved through a diagnostic test. CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that each person who ages between 18 to 64 years must get an HIV test done in their lifetime at least once.

Can Medical Drugs Help in the Treatment of HIV?

ARTs, otherwise named as Antiretrovital drugs, are there in the medicine department that can help improve the quality of life in people living with HIV. Prevention is more effective when it comes to HIV infection than its treatment. Some drawbacks of ART drugs:

  • Can pose certain serious side effects
  • It is expensive 
  • Some HIV strains are drugs resistant 
  • A complete HIV cure is not possible

Will I Need to Take a Lot of Pills Every Day if I Am Diagnosed With HIV?

No, you do not need to take multiple pills for HIV treatment. If you are on HIV treatment, you will require 1-4 pills every day. These pills can also be combined and formulated as a single pill. This depends on your condition severity.

Will the Virus Spread Even if I Am Taking My Treatment?

No, if the amount of virus known as the viral load that is present in your blood is too low that it does not get detected in your blood test, then, the HIV cannot get transmitted from you to another person. Therefore, the ART-antiretroviral drugs works by bringing your virus load down in your blood.

Can I Have Kids Even After Having HIV?

Yes, with the help of some medications, you can have kids even if you are having an HIV infection. Doctors can help if a female is HIV-positive and pregnant. He will recommend some medications during the pregnancy to protect her baby and herself from HIV infection.

Does HIV Infection Mean the End of Life?

No, the medicine domain has advanced a lot, these advances help in improving the quality of life to a great extent. Wih these, HIV does not mean life end. There are several ART-antiretroviral drugs that are available that can help reduce your viral load. This eventually ensures a better, longer, and normal lifestyle. With early HIV treatment also one can prevent its transmission.

Can I Get HIV by Being Around a Person Who is HIV-Positive?

No, HIV is not an air-borne disease. This means that HIV can not spread through air. So, if you are around a HIV-positive person, you will not get infected.

The spread of HIV is not possible through:

  • Touching a person who is HIV-positive 
  • Touching toilet seats or door handles
  • Using same gym types of equipment 
  • Body fluids including tears, sweat, pee and saliva
  • Sharing utensils
  • Breathing air near an infected person
  • Drinking water from a fountain
  • Shaking hands, hugging or kissing


HIV infection is a very serious type of infection that can be transmitted easily among partners. However, if someone is HIV positive, it does not mean that he will need to exclude himself from his social circle. You need to get proper treatment so that you can lead a normal life. Now, that you know the major myths about HIV, try maintaining your precautions, and get yourself HIV tested if your doctor suspects you hve HIV.