Brain PET CT Scan

04 Apr 2022

Brain PET CT Scan

Brain PET CT Scan

Brain PET CT Scan is a Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography test. This imaging testrequires you to consume nuclear medicines at least one hour before starting the diagnosis. Kindly sit or lie at one place without moving so that radiotracers can find the targeted area and accumulate to emit the radiation for scanner to trace and develop image.It is a safe diagnosis and patients never face any kind of problem. Brain PET CT Scan proves highly useful to detect several types of brain disorders including but not limited to diseased tissues, seizure disorders, brain injuries, drug abuse and many others.

What Brain PET CT Scan shows

This imaging test can show clear images of tissues and other abnormalities to find out the exact cause of disease and find the best treatment and medicines to recover in a safe and quick time. This is currently the best diagnosis available so far.

Why Neurologist Orders Brain PET CT Scan?

Neurologist can order Brain PET CT Scan if manual inspection does not help to find the root cause of the problem. A highly advanced PET scanner effectively detects the gamma radiations to create the detailed image of affected part of the brain.

Preparation For A BrainPET CT Scan

Your doctor will undoubtedly give you all instructions while scheduling the test. Preparations for this imaging test basically start 2 days before. You are requested to stay away of all kinds of strenuous physical activities like:

  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Running, etc.

In addition, you are required to stop consuming:

  • Breads
  • Cereals
  • Cakes
  • Junk Food Items

Alcohol is also strictly denied!

These items might distort the results!

How Much Time Is Required To Complete The Scan?

Do not hurry to get the reports. It is a time taking test. You need at least 3-4 hours to get the test complete. Kindly follow technologist’s all instructions without any argument. He can also ask you to stay for long if images are blurred.

Can Brain PET CT Scan Detect Tumour?

The answer is ‘Yes’. PET scanner can easily detect the area where tissues are more active in comparison with other areas. So, you can confidently rely upon the effectiveness of Brain PET CT Scan to detect the presence and development of tumour in the brain.

How Much Money Does A Brain PET CT ScanRequires?

Basically, a complete test requires around Rs.10,000–15000 for one person but you may need to pay more depending upon the location and facilities provided. Diagnostic centrecan also ask you to pay more if ambulance service is provided to pick you from home/office or any other place.

Who Can Undergo Brain PET CT Scan?

This test however proves safe and effective for all but people during special conditions essentially need to remain careful before undergoing the test.

These people need to be extra careful including:

  • Pregnant Ladies
  • Kidney Patients
  • Persons With Allergic Condition
  • Diabetes Patients

Talk to your doctor to confirm more details.

What Precautions Need To Be Taken?

However, doctor’s instructions wonderfully helps to get the test done in the expected manner but make sure that you are mentally-prepared to undergo the test.

  • Do not forget to remove jewellery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Where To Reach For Authentic Brain PET CT Scan?

You are always advised to reach the certified diagnostic centre to get the authentic report developed. Assistance given by novices might create big problems to compromise upon bigger terms. On the other hand, diagnosis carried out at the certified imaging centre always develops right report to start treatment in a systematic manner for early recovery.