GE 3T MRI Scanner

GE 3T MRI Scanner

The 3T MRI, or the 3 Tesla MRI, uses powerful magnets that can produce a 3-tesla magnetic field. A 3-tesla magnetic field is considered to be as twice powerful as the fields that are used in the conventional high-field MRI scanners, and they are 15 times much stronger than the low-field or the open MRI scanners.


While, the 1.5T MR system is around 30,000 times stronger than Earth's magnetic field, the 3T MR system is considered to be double of that. 

The Three-tesla system allows for a higher SNR as well as an increased image resolution capability, which is quite crucial for the MR imaging.


The 3T scanners are ideal for the brain, the vascular, the musculoskeletal and the small bone imaging. With the magnetic field strength that is twice as powerful as the 1.5T, the 3T MRI provides an extremely clear picture and vivid images.