17-OH Progesterone Test and Its Cost

17-OH Progesterone

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What Is the 17-OH Progesterone Test?

The adrenal glands make the hormone 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OH progesterone). These two glands are quite little. Each kidney has one, one on top of the other. The hormone cortisol is created from 17-OH progesterone and specialized proteins or enzymes. Various amounts of cortisol are continuously secreted, but periods of physical or mental stress cause cortisol levels to rise. The immune system and metabolism are both controlled by cortisol.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a rare genetic condition that can be identified with the 17-OHP test (CAH). A genetic mutation that occurs in CAH prevents the adrenal gland from producing enough cortisol. The adrenal glands create more 17-OHP and other male sex hormones as they exert greater effort to produce more cortisol.

Why it is done?

The most popular method for identifying CAH in new born is a 17-OHP test. It can also be applied to

Adults and older children with CAH who might have a lesser version of the condition should be diagnosed. Symptoms of milder CAH may appear later in life or occasionally not at all.

Monitoring CAH treatment.

What is the procedure for 17- OH progesterone?

A medical practitioner will wipe your baby's heel with alcohol and prick it with a tiny needle for a new born screening. A few blood samples will be taken, and the wound will be bandaged.

An adult or older child will need to have a blood test. A little needle will be used to draw blood from a vein in your arm. A small amount of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial once the needle has been placed. The needle may sting somewhat when it enters or exits your body. Usually, this only needs a few minutes.

How does one prepare for the 17-OH Progesterone test?

For the 17-OHP test, no extra preparations are required.

Required documents for 17-OH Progesterone Test:

* A doctor's prescription. 
* A valid government ID.

After care: 

No care is required.

The Cost Of 17-OH Progesterone Test In Delhi:

The 17-OHP Test costs vary by region and facility. So, get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centers like Ganesh Diagnostic. Training and experienced professionals are staffed to assure patient and visitor safety.

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17-OH Progesterone Test (Pathology Tests)


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