Viral load (HIV) test

Viral load (HIV) test

What is the VIRAL LOAD (HIV) test?

Viral load provides you with a thought of the amount of the HIV infection is in your body.

How the example is gathered for testing?

HIV viral burden tests search for RNA, the piece of HIV that has the formula for recreating itself. They add a catalyst, a sort of protein, to make more duplicates of the RNA. This makes it more straightforward to gauge the amount HIV is in your blood test.

Is any test arrangement required?

You needn't bother with any unique arrangements for a HIV viral load.

How to derive from the experimental outcomes?

  • A typical outcome implies no HIV was found in your blood, and you are not contaminated.
  • A low popular burden implies the infection isn't extremely dynamic and most likely means your HIV treatment is working.
  • A high popular burden implies the infection is more dynamic and your treatment isn't functioning admirably.

For what reason does you really want this test?

Your medical services supplier might arrange a HIV viral burden when you are first determined to have HIV. This underlying estimation assists your supplier with estimating how your condition changes over the long haul. 


Are there any dangers for this test?

There is almost no gamble to having a blood test. 


Nothing altogether after the test

Cost of viral burden HIV test in Delhi:

Viral burden HIV test cost in Delhi Rs. 1200/ - per test




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