EEG Tests

An EEG (electroencephalogram) test is a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure that is used to measure the activity of the brain. Doctors can diagnose and keep an eye on disorders related to the brain, such as epilepsy, by analyzing the patient's brain activity. If you exhibit symptoms like seizures, fainting, memory loss, confusion, etc., the doctor will request this test. It is frequently used to identify and keep a watchful eye on diseases including Alzheimer's, sleep issues, dementia, brain injuries, infections, encephalitis, tumors, etc.

Ganesh Diagnostic is a NABH-accredited EEG Test Center in Delhi NCR that provides the service at a reasonable price. To perform EEG, we use the most recent technology and sophisticated methodologies. We ensure a result accuracy of almost 100%. You can schedule an appointment with us 24/7 a day for an EEG 30mins., EEG Sleep Deprived Test, EEG Test, etc.

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