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Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Center (GDIC) operates several diagnostic centers in Delhi that offer MRI, CT scans, full body PET scans, blood tests and other tests under one roof. Please see our locations near you to find out more about the center and call. To take advantage of the home sample collection service, please call 011 4744-4444.

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At Ganesh diagnostic, we offer multiple services to our patients at affordable prices because your health is our first priority. We have a skillful and talented team associated with us to deliver the best to our clients.

A free 24/7 ambulance service is also available to avoid havoc in emergency situations. We have updated technologies to generate 100% accurate reports for every test and check-ups. We are an organisation that has been trusted by 30,000+ doctors. Active in the business for quite some time.

Back in 2001, famed radiologist Dr. Ravin Sharma laid the foundations of this organisation after his father, Ganesh Chand Sharma. From humble beginnings, our growth and expansion has become a significant ride of many things. Today, we are considered one of the best diagnostic centres and pathology labs near Rohini Delhi, robust problem solvers and highly efficient in all areas.

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