Carotid Angiography

Carotid Angiography| Pricing In Delhi At Ganesh Diagnostic

What is the carotid angiography ?

A carotid angiography is a procedure that uses special dye to see carotid arteries (the arteries that supply your brain with oxygen-rich blood).

Why is it done?

Doctors recommend this radiology test if you have:-

  • Narrowing in carotid arteries(stenosis)
  • Blockage in carotid arteries.
  • Determine risk of stroke in future 
  • Determine the need of treatment (angioplasty or surgery ) 

In which case carotid angiography is  not performed ? 

If you are pregnant and chance to become pregnant. If you have allergic reaction from iodine and if your kidney is not working properly.

How Does One Prepare For This Test?

You cannot drink and eat anything after midnight before the examination because fasting is required .You need to bring the all medical report or any medication you are taken. If you are diabetic ask your physician to adjust the medication for the day of examination .You will have to wear hospital gown during the procedure .

What Is The Procedure For carotid angiography?

In this examination you need to lie on you back  on table and arm are placed in sides then catheter is inserted in the blood vessel in arm. Electrode are placed on patient chest to check the heart activity .Then contrast is injected through catheter and scan is performed to see the carotid arteries.


 After completion of the examination catheter is removed from your forearm. You need to drink alot of water after examination for faster excretion of contrast material.

Cost of carotid angiography in Delhi

Carotid angiography test cost near me in Delhi typically ranges from INR 12000 to INR 13000, depending on the diagnostic center.



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