X-Ray Skull Lateral View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

28 Oct 2022

X-Ray Skull Lateral View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

The right or left lateral view of the skull demonstrates pathology such as skull fractures. The “lateral skull base” is one unique area of the skull base, situated at the side of the skull. This part of the skull base comprises structures called the temporal bone, infra-temporal fossa, clivus, and middle and posterior fossa.


This View is Useful in Assessing:

* Skull fracture

* Clivus

* Sella turcica

* Clinoid

* Nasal Bone

* Mandible fracture

* Internal auditory meatus

* Skull circumference

* Paget disease

* Neoplastic change

* Ethmoid sinus

* Orbits

* Structure seen in the dental region

* Mastoid sinus

Patient Preparation

* Patient has to remove metallic objects such as Jewellery, Hair Clips, Watches, Rings, or any other similar object from scanning part of the body to avoid the chance of a blank spot on the diagnostic film.

* Before undergoing the procedure, a patient needs to notify the x-ray technologist.

Patient Positioning

* Sides of the patient are facing the Bucky and the head is then rotated such that the median sagittal plane is parallel to Bucky and the inter-orbital line is right angle to it.

* Position the cassette transversely in the erect Bucky, such as the upper border is 5 cm above the vertex

Central Ray

* In the middle of the glabella and the external occipital protuberance

* To a point that is 5 cm superior to the external auditory meatus.

Technical Factor

  • Collimation

* Superiorly to include skin margins

* Inferiorly to include base of skull

* Anteriorly to include frontal bone

* Posteriorly to the skin margins 

  • Orientation

* Landscape

  • Detector size

* 24 cm x 30 cm

  • Exposure

* 75 kVp

* 8-10 mAs

  • Sid

* 100 cm 

  • Grid

* Yes

Image Technical Evaluation

* The image should contain all cranial bone and first cervical vertebrae

* Should superimpose the floor of anterior cranial fossa and posterior cranial fossa.

* The sella turcica and clinoid process should also be superimposed.

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