X-Ray Skull AP View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

28 Oct 2022

X-Ray Skull AP View, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

An x-ray of the skull shows a picture of the bones around the brain, such as the bones of the face, the nose, and the sinuses. It is also known as skull front occipital view.


This view is useful in assessing:

* Internal auditory meatus

* Skull fracture

* Paget disease

* Neoplastic change

* Frontal bone

* Mandible

* Ethmoid and frontal sinus

* Orbits

* Structure seen dental region

* Mastoid sinus

* Greater and lesser wings of sphenoid

Patient Preparation

* Remove the object containing metal i.e Jewellery, Hair Clips, Watches, Rings, or any other similar object  to avoid a bright spot on the diagnostic film.

* Notify your doctor/ technologist/ radiologist in the case of a pregnancy.

Part Positioning

* Patient either lies supine on a bucky table or in sitting position. The head of patient is adjusted to bring the median sagittal plane at perpendicular to film.

* The external auditory meatus are equidistance from the cassette.

* The orbito-meatal baseline must be  perpendicular to the cassette.

Central Ray

* Centre ray is perpendicular to the cassette along with the medial sagittal plan and throw nasion.

* The field should be set to include the vertex of the skull superiorly and occipital bone's base inferiorly.

Technical Factor

* Antero-posterior projection

* centring point

  • The central ray is centred at the nasion
  • Collimation

* Laterally to include soft tissue

* Superiorly soft tissue

  • Orientation

* Portrait 

  • Detector size

* 24 cm x 30 cm

  • Exposure

* 75 kVp

* 8-10 mas

  • Sid

* 100 cm 

  • Grid

* Yes

Image Technical Evaluation

* Ensure the image is symmetrical as well as free from any kind of rotation

* Evaluate the margins of orbital and ensure they are similar in appearance

* The petrous ridge will overlap the orbits


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