X-ray Abdomen supine AP view, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

27 Oct 2022

X-ray Abdomen supine AP view, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

A significant majority of the plain-film examinations performed on the abdomen are comprised of radiographs of the abdominal region that were obtained. At the same time, the patient's body was in the supine position. 


This view is useful in assessing:

* Neoplastic changes

* Calcification

* Bowel obstruction

* Bowel fluid level

* Abdominal pathology

* Renal colic

* Distended abdomen

* Abdominal pain

* Review of Post op. cases

* Abdominal trauma

* Abdominal aortic stent

Patient preparation

* No preparation is needed. You should wear loose-fitting clothing.

* If you are pregnant or there is a chance of pregnancy, please inform the X-Ray technologist

* If we are going for the scout of abdominal supine x-ray, then used laxative and purgative and take a soft diet for bowel preparation.

Patient positioning

* The patient is supine, lying on their back, on the x-ray table

* Patients need to change into a hospital gown, with metallic items removed (e.g. belts, zippers, buttons)

* The patient must be free from rotation; both shoulders and hips center from the table

* The x-ray is taken on the full inspiration that causes the diaphragm to contract and compress the abdominal organs, allowing all abdominal contents to be visualized  on a single image

Technical factors

* AP projection

* Centering point

The mid-sagittal plane, equidistant from each anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) at the level of the iliac crest


* laterally to the lateral abdominal wall

* superior to the diaphragm

* inferior to the inferior pubic rami


* portrait

Detector size

* 35 cm x 43 cm


* 70-80 kVp

* 30-120 mAs; AEC should be used if available


* 100 cm


* yes


In the healthcare industry, X-ray plays a vital role by helping doctors in diagnosing & monitor diseases and health conditions.

If you or your family member has been prescribed X-ray Abdomen supine AP view , then get in touch with GDIC(Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre) and schedule your test with us.