X-Ray Abdomen Erect And Supine View, Preparation, Procedure, and The Requirements

27 Oct 2022

X-Ray Abdomen Erect And Supine View, Preparation, Procedure, and The Requirements

An abdomen X-ray shows the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, base of the lungs, liver, and spleen. It is called a KUB X-ray when it is used to look at the kidney, ureter, and bladder.


This x-ray is useful in assessing the following:

* Pneumo-peritoneum

* Bowel obstruction

* Bowel fluid level

* Ascitis

* Perforation

* Neoplastic changes

* Renal colic

* Calcification

* Intra-abdominal masses

* Abdominal pathology

* Distended abdomen

* Abdominal pain with vomiting

* Review of Post op. cases

* Abdominal trauma

* Abdominal aortic stent

Patient preparation

* No preparation is needed. You should wear loose-fitting clothing.

* Patient need to inform technician in the case of a pregnancy, before the procedure

Patient positioning

* The patient is standing while doing erect PA view, with ventral abdomen toward the image detector resides while doing supine AP view, patient have to lying down on table with mid-sagittal plan is perpendicular to table.

* No rotation of shoulders or pelvis

* It should include the entire transverse width of the patient. If not possible, then  two radiographs may be obtained

* Hands can be placed around the detector or on top for stand stability.

* The x-ray is taken on full inspiration

* This causes the diaphragm to contract, hence compressing the organs of  abdomen and allow all abdominal contents to be visualized on a single image

* In abdomen erect/standing pa view, Patient have to stand like this, patient’s radiograph include both dome of diaphragm to iliac crest

* while doing abdomen supine AP view, radiograph include both kidney to pubis-symphysis.

Technical factors

* AP projection

Centering point

* In abdomen erect PA view, radiograph includes both dome of diaphragm the mid-sagittal plane equidistant from each anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) at the level of the iliac crest

* In abdomen supine AP view, radiograph includes both kidney to pubis-symphysis and the mid-sagittal plane equidistance from the each ASIS to receptor.


* Laterally to the lateral abdominal wall

* Superior to the diaphragm

* Inferior to the inferior pubic rami


  • Portrait

Detector size

  • 35 cm x 43 cm


  • 70-80 kVp
  • 30-120 mAs; AEC should be used if available


  • 100 cm


  • Yes


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