Chest X-Ray oblique view (right/left) , Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

27 Oct 2022

Chest X-Ray oblique view (right/left) , Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

The radiography procedure is conducted with the patient erect or supine. For the procedure, a large cassette is selected to include the whole of the ribs on the side being examined from the level of the 7th cervical vertebra to the lower costal margin.


* To separate a pulmonary or mediastinal mass or opacity from structures that overlie it on the PA and lateral views.

* To study the lesions that are visible in the PA view but not in the lateral view.

Patient preparation

* No preparation is needed. You should wear loose-fitting clothing.

* Notify the X-Ray technician in the case of a pregnancy

Patient Positioning

* In an upright or sitting position

* Adjust the coronal plan to 45 degrees

* Top of the cassette 2 inches above the shoulder

Part positioning

* The shoulder nearest to the cassette is rolled posteriorly and the hand is placed on the hip.

* The other hand is placed on top of the cassette holder.

* Centre the thorax to the cassette and exposed it to full inspiration.

* Both obliques may be taken (right anterior oblique/ left posterior oblique)

Technical factor and center point

* Perpendicular to the image receptor or cassette

* Centre at the level of T-7th vertebrae or lower border of the scapulae.

Imaging technique

Film size:

14 x 17 inches (30 x 40 cm) crosswise or lengthwise, depending on the patient’s physique


Landscape or portrait


100-110 kVp

4-12 mAs


150 cm




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